Why the decision to move out was the right choice for me

Whether we commute or decide to move out for university, this decision has an impact on where we end up going to university for the next three or more years. When I was considering applying for university, I was quite indecisive and I had no idea whether I wanted to move out or stay with my family in London. I knew that if I decided to commute, then I would be limited to attending universities in and around London. However, if I did move out, I did not want my journey home to be too long so I had to choose universities that were not too far outside of London. After going back and forth on what I wanted to do, I decided that moving out was the best option for me, for a plethora of reasons.

Having my own space

Growing up with siblings has meant that throughout my life I have had to share my room with my sister and never had the opportunity to have a space that I can call my own. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to move out, as I wanted to have a room for myself. Having space where I can wind down and relax has helped me drastically as I can be alone in a quiet and comfortable space! One thing I appreciate about having my room is that I can revise and complete my work during the evening. As I shared a room with my younger sister, I had to complete work earlier in the day or go to the library as she slept quite early. I’m really glad I decided to move out as it meant I could use my room as a place to study again.

Learnt how to manage my money

After moving out for University, I have been able to improve on my money management skills as I was the one in control of what I spent my money on. Being at home, my parents would do all the food shopping, paying the bills, etc and I did not realise how easy it was to spend money when you’re not keeping track of what you’re spending it on. I noticed that I was shopping more and spending money when I did not need to. What helped me save my money was ensuring that I did not bring my bank card with me everywhere I went. This was helpful during my first year of university as I used to always stop by the shop on campus, Simply Fresh, to buy a quick snack after a lecture. I also found that having a part-time job helped me save my money too as I knew how hard I had to work to earn extra money. This was great as I did not need to ask my family for financial support, I was able to support myself.

Tywofrd Court Accommodation on Stag Hill campus

Learnt how to manage my time better

I also feel as though my time management skills have improved since I have moved out especially as I have had to do things independently. Having no one to hold you accountable for certain things means that I have to manage my time better so that I complete the tasks I need to complete. Finding time to clean my room, cook my meals as well as manage my degree and socialise can be difficult at first but what I found has been helpful is having a diary and writing everything I need to do on a to-do list. My student life Mentor, who would visit my accommodation weekly, told me about this tip which became useful to me. Writing everything down and ticking it off helped me stay organised as I knew what I needed to work on during the day.

A picture of me and another Student Ambassador at a Careers Fair

I could travel home if I was homesick

For many of us, moving out can be quite daunting and I remember feeling very homesick during my first few weeks. I was really glad that the train journey to London was really quick as I knew that I would be able to travel home from Surrey with ease. Having that option meant that I could visit my family without having to worry about traveling far! Whilst some students may feel like they want to move far away from home, I felt comfort knowing that I could travel to London in 35 minutes to see my family!

Many obstacles come with moving out whilst managing all the other challenges that come with starting university. However, moving out has been the best decision for me and I’ve gained loads of new experiences that helped me grow as an individual.