How to make the most out of Surrey Sports Park

Surrey Sports Park entrance
Surrey Sports Park

Competitive sports and BUCS

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or you want to start playing a new sport competitively, you can join Team Surrey and play in the British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) league representing the University of Surrey. There are over 40 different sports clubs to choose from, offering weekly training and competitions, such as football, volleyball, basketball, rowing, karting, dance, martial arts, archery, and so on. See the full list of sports clubs here.

In my first and second years at Surrey, I played for the women’s volleyball team and this experience allowed me to make friends with people with similar interests and feel part of a community. The weekly training, matches, and socials definitely improved my University experience!

Alessia serving the ball during a match with the Surrey Volleyball Club.
Me serving during a match with Team Surrey Volleyball

Memberships – gym, swimming pool, climbing

If you prefer something else, the centre offers a 120-station gym, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a newly refurbished climbing wall. Students can get the Silver or Gold membership at a discounted rate, compared to commercial gyms in Guildford, and get unlimited access to all the facilities mentioned above, including several fitness and aqua classes. 

To find out which membership best suits you, check out the Surrey Sports Park website here.

Recreational sessions with sports clubs

If competition isn’t really your cup of tea, but you still want to play your favourite sport or be part of a team, you can join recreational sessions organised by the different clubs, and play friendly matches and races with other players or even societies. 

In the photo below, you can see me with my teammates from the Italian Society, smiling after winning a match in the Intramural Sports League (IMS). Matches and races are usually in the evenings or on Sundays to give everyone the chance to participate.

Alessia and her teammates after an IMS match.
My teammates and I after winning an Intramural Sports League match.

Team Surrey events

Even if you are not part of the team or don’t have a membership, there are several events happening at Surrey Sports Park that you can join! Every year Team Surrey organised one or two sessions of Female Takeover, creating a safe space for students identifying as females to try new sports and feel confident at the gym. 

During freshers’ week and refreshers, there are also other events held at SSP like the Colour Run, open classes and tryouts. 

Food and entertainment

Finally, Surrey Sports Park is a great place to chill and eat good food after any sporting event or while watching competitions on TV with your friends. The Bench and The Pitchside are there to offer you great burgers, salads, coffees and so much more! Wednesday night and Sunday at lunchtime are probably the busiest times when competitive and social teams get together after their matches, but there are many other events throughout the week and you can even book it for private events and for your society’s socials.