Biomedical Science at University of Surrey

Why Biomedical Science

  1. In depth learning about human biology
    • Biomedical Science focuses on the reasons behind why the body and diseases function the way they do. This includes modules on microbiology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Over the course of your degree, you will also learn how these different aspects interact.
  2. Career prospects
    • One of the main reasons people choose to study Biomedical Science is the vast number of doors this can open for you. With an accredited Biomedical Science degree from Surrey, you can go pursue further study, such as a Masters (or even our Integrated Masters) or PhD, become a Biomedical Scientist working in the NHS, start a career in research or pharmaceuticals, as well as many other pathways such as teaching, medicine or science writing.
  3. Skills
    • Over the course of your 3-5 year degree, you will learn many skills, starting with the skill of independently managing your own time, cooking, doing laundry, exercising, socialising and still getting your assignments in on time! Some academic skills you are likely to develop include analytical and independent thinking, teamwork and communication, IT skills including degree specific programs such as Graphpad and R, numerical and data analysis and the skills developed in the laboratory such as how to prepare plates and work aseptically.
  4. Help others
    • Whatever pathway you decide to choose after graduation, with a degree in Biomedical Science, there is a good chance that your career will have a beneficial impact on people’s lives, whether this is through developing new pharmaceuticals to treat medical conditions, inspiring children through teaching or early disease detection as a Biomedical Scientist.
  5. Cutting edge science
    • All lecturers teaching you will be involved in research in that field, as Biomedical Science is developing all the time as we discover the true molecular mechanisms and reasons why the body works so efficiently, and how to fix it when it doesn’t.

Why University of Surrey

  1. Accredited by IBMS
    • Biomedical Science at Surrey is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), which means that upon graduating, you can complete the Certificate of Competence in a graduate job, and then register with the Health and Professionals Council (HCPC). This also means that the content and skills learned during this degree at Surrey are at a high level as required by the IBMS.
  2. Great career prospects and careers service
    • According to the Graduate Outcomes survey 2022 by HESA, 97% of Surrey Bioscience and Medicine graduate students participate in further study or employment. In addition, the Employability and Careers service provide help with planning careers, job interviews, cover letters and CVs, as well as careers fairs and 1-1 meetings for the length of your time at Surrey and for 3 years afterwards. You can read more about the careers team here:
  3. Pastoral and academic support
    • At Surrey, you get assigned a personal tutor for the length of your degree, who supports you with academic and pastoral issues. In addition, the library offers academic workshops, such as the Journal Club, maths and statistics advice, learning development workshops, as well as peer academic support through the Peer Assisted Writing Scheme (PAWS). The Disability and Neurodiversity Team is also available to support students with assignments, exams and accommodation. There is also a Centre for Wellbeing on Stag Hill campus, which students can access for guidance and advice from trained counsellors and mental health professionals. You can read more about the support available here:
  4. Laboratories
    • The undergraduate Innovation for Health Learning Laboratory has recently been updated and is modern, bright and airy, including an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows! It also has computer screens at the end of each bench, allowing the demonstrator to clearly show students how to perform experiments. In addition, during your final year, you will complete a research project which may take place in the dissertation labs, exclusively for final year students.
  5. Campus
    • The main Stag Hill campus has plenty of study locations, including the 5 floor library, MySurrey Nest, with comfy sofas and nap pods, MySurrey Spark, with spaces for groups to work together, and many more.
    • There are lots of places to get food on campus, including Hillside, which provides cooked meals from around the world such as pizza, fish and chips, curries and more, as well as coffee and sandwiches. There are also three restaurants, Young’s Kitchen, Lakeside Restaurant and the American-style diner Wates – I strongly recommend the milkshakes! Next to Hillside is Zenchai, the new bubble tea shop which has proven very popular with students! There are also several other coffee shops, including Lakeside Coffee Shops, the Hideout and Stageside at GSA. There is also Simply Fresh, the campus shop under the library. In addition, we have Hari’s Bar, the Basement and the Front Room, as well as Rubix, the nightclub on campus.