University of Surrey Clearing experience

My Clearing experience

The University of Surrey was really helpful throughout the Clearing process; the call handlers were really welcoming and friendly and they provided me with lots of information about the University and answered all my questions. From calling up to receiving the acceptance letter, the process didn’t take long at all!

The nerves definitely kicked in when I called up, though; I wasn’t sure what to say to the call handler. However, with my family and my teacher sitting next to me, my nerves soon settled. From discussing my results to choosing the course I wanted to apply for, the call handler was super attentive and helpful.

The information provided on Surrey’s website telling you all the steps involved in the Clearing process, was also super helpful and easy to navigate.

Why I decided to apply through Clearing

I decided to apply to Surrey through Clearing because I didn’t achieve the A-Level results I was hoping for and, as a result, missed out on my firm choice. Having been inspired by others’ University stories, I knew I wanted to go to University so, after receiving some useful Clearing advice from my Sixth Form teachers, I went through the Clearing process.

What attracted me to the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey appealed to me because it was highly ranked in the Economics department, which is the course I applied for. And Surrey has outstanding levels of student satisfaction and graduate prospects – two factors I took into consideration when applying through Clearing.

I also had the opportunity to attend a few Open Days as well as an Offer Holder Day, in order to get a real feel for what it’s like to be a student here at Surrey. After attending, I was really impressed with the atmosphere on campus and knew Surrey was the perfect fit for me.

One of the teachers at my Sixth Form went to Surrey and said they had a really enjoyable experience, which also sparked my interest in the University.

How I felt when I was offered a place through Clearing

I felt a massive sense of relief! I no longer had to worry about my future. My family were equally pleased and relieved. Even though I had to undertake a Foundation Year to do the course I wanted, it was definitely worth it.

Advice to anyone going through Clearing

Research the features of Clearing, so you’re clued up on it. Then, make a shortlist of the Universities that offer the courses you are interested in and their entry requirements as well as any questions you have before calling the University.

The call handlers will help to settle your nerves and provide exceptional service in dealing with your query, so there’s no need to fret!

How Surrey has helped me to achieve my goals

I don’t have a specific career in mind at the moment, but I’m sure my time at Surrey will help me decide what career to pursue within the field of Economics. The University has already helped me with this decision through the support and services on offer, which I’ve used from time to time. It’s really nice knowing this support is there.

My time at Surrey

Looking back on my first year, I can safely say that I am thoroughly enjoying the course so far. The modules have been equal parts interesting and challenging, motivating me to produce work to the best of my ability. I’ve also met lots of people both on and outside of my course whom I regularly meet up with them in my free time.

I definitely had a few nerves on the first day, which is to be expected. These soon settled though and I started to feel a part of the University.

I’m really looking forward to rest of my time here!