How to turn the impossible into possible

Hello everyone, I hope you all had fun reading the previous blog. Today, I want to talk about the shift of mindset and perspectives

It all starts from being open minded and embrace yourself with different people.

I didn’t realize how homogenous the growing environment was in Taiwan until I came studying in the UK. You might be confused by my statement, but let me explain what I meant by that. From the ethnicity perspective, majority of the population are from Taiwan, some from China and some from south east Asia, it is quite rare for us to meet people from other continent. Not only because of the geography location, but the politics and the exposure of the country in the international level also plays a role in it. Put it in other way, when I introduce myself to people in the social setting, most of them heard of the name of the country but not anything more than the name, to be honest this is quite frustrating for me. There are so many things about Taiwan that is worth sharing to people around the world but we didn’t manage to increase the exposure of the country.

And because of this, we tend to spend time with people that come from similar background. This forms the so called comfort zone and bubble for me. I start reflecting myself for staying in the same environment, and gradually lose my interest and adventurous spirit to explore the unknown as well as the rest of the world. I also got caught off by the study in university, so I end up settling with this environment and just left the desire be buried deep down my mind.

A wake up call from my friend

I didn’t realise how much I have lost until I met my friend. This friend of mine, she is smart, caring and a truly inspiring person. I feel motivated again by just being around her and talk to her. She likes to travel around the world, meeting new people and learning about new things. And she is the type of person who takes action to achieve the goal without letting the thoughts to limit herself. Seeing how she puts effort into things she enjoyed and turns things that seemed impossible into possible really encourages me to take back control in my life and stop being lazy and passive. I know it is easier to say than done, but this year, I have a feeling that I want to change and improve.

Like what I kept telling everyone in the previous blog of taking action in this new year, it is also a reminder for me to put myself out there and see what comes out of it. I don’t want to set the goal that’s too broad but a concrete plan that is achievable and trackable in the short and medium term. I will keep everyone posted about my progress and hopefully things work out and I gain some lessons along the way.

I hope whoever reading this finds the content resonating and feel motivated again to start realizing your dream and wishes.

Until the next blog, I wish you all a great week:))