Surrey meets the USA

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

Accommodation at Surrey, explained

Most of you will be familiar with the typical accommodation offerings at universities and colleges in the United States. The college dorm and dining hall scenario is pretty well represented in pop culture and everywhere else, and you might just assume that universities across the world offer a similar model. But accommodation at most UK […]

End of summer check in

Hello everyone, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. It feels like I was on campus yesterday, and all of sudden we find ourselves in September and less than a month away from classes resuming. It’s been a busy summer with lots of traveling, first out west to New Mexico and Colorado, then Northeast […]

The difference between GSA and Surrey

Hello everyone, I thought I’d spend today talking about how GSA (Guildford School of Acting) and the university are connected, because a lot people have expressed confusion about this, even my friends who do non-GSA related courses at the university. It can be a little confusing at times, especially for people interested in the Theatre […]

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