A Tale of Two Charters

Another installment from our volunteer Graham, this time an insight into the University Charter… Virtually all Universities start with a Royal Charter and some of our oldest ones were approved by early monarchs such as King Henry III in 1231 who issued the Charter for Cambridge. Our University’s Charter received Royal Approval from our present […]

Meet our new volunteer, Tim!

Tim is our newest volunteer and already he has achieved a great deal! Here he gives us a glimpse into what he has been up to… I have been volunteering at the Archive for a little over a month now, and I can safely say that it has been quite a learning curve, though a […]

The Battersea Cookbook and Nanna’s Recipe for Beef Galantine

We love nothing more in the Archives than an interesting enquiry and if it involves food then so much the better. We recently had just that from a member of staff within the University, Nikki Legg, and it began with a recipe for Beef Galantine… The initial enquiry was to check the link between Battersea […]

Sidney Rich and the £1,000 birthday party fund

More from our volunteer, Graham Potter, who this week uncovers an interesting story involving Sidney Rich, and the novel if not generous way he chose to mark his birthday!   I was assisting my second Archivist, Melanie Peart, from November 2015 and a year later she felt I could be suffering from “ cuttings overload “, so […]

A Volunteer Amongst the Cuttings

Graham Potter, one of our dedicated volunteers, tells us a bit about what has been keeping him busy over the past couple of years… My introduction to the Archives as a volunteer started in June 2015 (see “Thank you to our volunteers“ in this blog). I started on cataloguing the great many newspaper and journal […]

Ernest Howard Shepard: His Personal Archive – A talk given to visitors from the Guildford Institute

The Archives & Special Collections recently hosted a visit from the Guildford Institute having been asked to give a talk about E. H. Shepard and his personal archive. The E. H. Shepard Archive, one of the University’s perhaps lesser-known treasures, comprises of the personal papers of Ernest Howard Shepard, one of the greatest black and […]

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