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Guest Post: Personal Development in Your First Year of Post-Graduate Employment

We are delighted to welcome a guest post from Samantha Condliffe – Digital Marketing Exec at Infinities

Time Management

As soon as you embark upon your first post-graduate role you will commit to a brand new schedule. If you are taking on a full time job, you will usually be expected to work between 35 and 40 hours per week. Office based jobs usually adopt a ‘9 till 5, 5 days a week’ kind of policy, however customer facing roles may require more varied hours. This will naturally add more structure to your life and you will become accustomed to a new routine. Attendance will be more crucial than ever as you will be under the watchful eye of your employer or line manager who will need to document any absences and if you don’t already do so, you will be expected to achieve impeccable time management. This is something which is transferable and extremely useful in other areas of your life. The routine of your new job will shape your personal life to a certain extent and with less time on your hands, you will learn how to be more productive with the time you have and also learn how to juggle relationships.

How to be employer friendly on social media


A two-page CV is no longer the only information your employer will see when you apply for a job. 90% of those offering positions now admit to looking at your LinkedIn to suss you out, and over half will then try to get a scoop about you from Facebook and Twitter (Jobvite).

We look at the important social media steps you must take to be sure you are not ruining your career chances.

Keep your private life private
As many as 58% of us in the UK are allegedly revealing all on social media by sharing our profiles publicly, according to a study by The Safe Shop. That means your profile can be viewed in its entirety, by anyone, at any time.

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