Hey guys! God has been good to us, the sun’s back around! On saturday, Surrey held a free feast by the lake all day and at midnight, we hosted an outdoor cinema featuring some of the biggest movie hits! During the day, a few student bands from Bandsoc performed covers and their original songs- such […]

Lakeside Invasion! French edition!

  Hey guys! As y’all probably know, Surrey is known for its Hospitality and Tourism degree, this week hospitality students went all out with the skills they learnt during their classes. They were put into groups and catered at Lakeside restaurant in the MS building!   My friends Sonia and Anna took me inside for […]

[Escape the University] Seaside Bournemouth🇬🇧

Hello, It is the end of April: Yes it means a lot to me because the season of spring have f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived Surrey. By the end of April, all HKDSE fighters will have finished their public exams in Hong Kong. Despite the results, pay yourself a tribute for the wholehearted effort that has been spent in the past years.  […]

Best Ramen in London!

Today I would like to introduce Brixton in London to you all. Brixton locates in central London, and famous for selling foods like the Carribean, Asian foods. You can find various youngsters-friendly places in Brixton. O2 Brixton holds celebrity concerts very often, previously Stormzy, Ed Sheeran had performed in O2 too! Pop Brixton is one of […]

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