Trip to Stratford

It has been a LONG while to update my blog, sorry guys! How’s everyone doing? Last Christmas, I have travelled to Stratford for few days, and the sceneries were terrific! Stratford is well known for the hometown of famous poet Shakespeare, which means it is a trendy tourist spot in England. At first, my family […]

Give yourself a reason to discover work-based learning – industrial placement year at Surrey

Hello all, As some of you may remember that I have shared one of the proud privilege when we study at Surrey – a chance to get into an industrial placement year. Not only Diana has decided to undergo a placement year for her psychology degree, many others have made good use of the placement opportunities during their […]

Flu or exam season?

Hey y’all! Exam season is just around the corner, which means we will be spending endless nights in the library cramming and chugging cups of coffee..! Yet, we are often unaware that we are most vulnerable at this time of the year, sleepless nights mean we are giving viruses a chance to creep into our […]

Exam’s month

Hello everyone, New year not only means we can start a new page, it also alert us that exams are approaching. In this academic year, Surrey’s student may have realized that the university has launched a lot extra to support our study journeys(Not? check your mailbox and keyword-search ‘studentnews’). I am not sure what have other […]

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