Guildford Blooming Project

Hi all, It has been a little long while hasn’t it?! While the majority of students has already moved out from the university on 18th June, me and some of my friends have chosen to stay a bit longer at the university. Indeed, there are still lots of amazing things going on despite the end […]

Anthony Nolan!

Aye, guys! I finally touched down in Hong Kong! Saying goodbye to Guildford has been such a struggle, even though I’ve had the last few days to spend time with my friends to mark the end of our eventful first year! Before leaving, I sent off my mouth swaps to Anthony Nolan, a UK charity […]

The season for Lavenders!

Hi Y’all! It’s been a while! How’s everyone doing? It’s that time of the year at Surrey again!- Exam Period. Yes, I know the struggles! But rest assured, today I won’t be giving you advice on ways to revise for exams, additional spaces on campus for revision or anything exam related.  We all need a break sometimes, […]

The temptation of final exams

Hey guys, It is already June. and the thing all of us we’ll do on the first day of June is.. by all means revision. The exam period itself lasts for 3 weeks. Fortunate enough, My two exams are scheduled on the first day of the exam period (26th May) and the very end of […]

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