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Matt Turner visits and speaks at the University of Keele

Matt Turner is visiting the University of Keele in Staffordshire this week (22-26 May) for research interaction and to give a seminar.  His host is Professor Jonathan J Healey.  On Tuesday 23rd of May Matt gave a talk in the Applied Mathematics Seminar series with the title “Time-dependent conformal mappings with applications to nonlinear sloshing […]

Vice Chancellor Max Lu visits the Department of Mathematics

Vice Chancellor Max Lu visited the Department of Mathematics on Monday 22 May.  It was his first visit to the department and he took the opportunity to present his vision for the university and the role of mathematics in the future strategy.  Topics under discussion included data science, interdisciplinary research across faculties and how the […]

Anna Kostianko passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Anna Kostianko for passing her PhD viva today!  The examiners were James Robinson (Warwick) and James Grant. The title of her thesis is “Inertial manifolds for semilinear parabolic equations which do not satisfy the spectral gap condition“. Her project was supervised by Sergey Zelik and the second supervisor was Bin Cheng.

Anne Skeldon gives seminar at the University of Bath

Anne Skeldon visited the Applied and Industrial Mathematical Science group at the University of Bath yesterday and gave a seminar on “Mathematical modelling of sleep and (other) daily biological rhythms: light, clocks and social jetlag“. Link and abstract here. In this talk she reviewed some of the existing mathematical models of the sleep/wake cycle and […]

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