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Bin Cheng with teams at Exeter and Imperial awarded EPSRC grant on mathematics of slow-fast coupling in PDEs

A team lead by Beth Wingate (Exeter) and including Bin Cheng (Surrey), Colin Cotter (Imperial), and David Acreman (Exeter) has been awarded an £850k EPSRC grant for the project “On the way to the asymptotic limit: mathematics of slow-fast coupling in PDEs” (EPSRC link here). The grant runs till March 2021. The main motivation of […]

Philip Aston publishes a new model of Hepatitis C infection in a special issue of Viruses

The paper A new model for the dynamics of Hepatitis C infection: Derivation, analysis and implications by Philip Aston has been published in a special issue on mathematical modelling of viral infections in the journal Viruses. Some existing models of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection are reviewed and inconsistencies between the models and known behaviour of the […]

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