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Paper of Alessandro Torrielli on AdS2/CFT1 appears in Journal of Physics A

The paper “On AdS2/CFT1 transfer matrices, Bethe ansatz and scale invariance” sole authored by Alessandro Torrielli, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. A link to the final form arXiv version is here. In the paper, he explicitly calculates the AdS2×S2×T6 transfer-matrix eigenvalues in the massless sector using […]

Alexei Ilyin visits from the Kelysh Institute in Moscow

Alexei Ilyin of the Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics and the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow is visiting the department for two weeks, arriving Monday 23 October.  He is on a research visit as part of the EPSRC-supported project on nonlinear PDEs of  Sergey Zelik and Anna Kostianko.  Alexei’s Researchgate profile is here. Alexei […]

Anne Skeldon at World Sleep Congress in Prague

Anne Skeldon is at the World Sleep Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, this week (7-11 October). The congress is hosting 2400 people interested in sleep including medics, psychologists, mathematicians, and sleep scientists. Anne organised and chaired a session on: “Environmental challenges: the impact of artificial light on sleep and circadian biology“, and a link to […]

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