Surrey meets Canada

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

Where To Eat In Town

When I first arrived in Guildford (as I’ve mentioned before), I was worried at how small it was. I’m a giant foodie. I love food, and I love going to new places to try food. So naturally, I spent my first few weeks in Guildford (back in the good ol’ days of first year) hunting […]

Easter break = Travel

Everyone here at Surrey is getting pretty excited since we are all about to get a month off for Easter break! The holidays are different over here so for me, having a month off in the middle of the semester is unheard of. This break is compensated for by pushing classes and exam dates to […]

A Busy Two Weeks

Today just happens to be Surrey’s biggest sporting event — It’s Varsity 2016! Team Surrey takes on their rivals Kingston University. It’s held over at Surrey Sports Park and various competitions take place. If Surrey wins this year, it will be our sixth year in a row! The campus is, for that reason, quite empty, […]

Curious about campus?

When applying to school here one of the things I tried to picture in my head was what the campus looked like. Were the walls ivy covered? Old stone buildings like Harry Potter? My old campus was really big and open and there were always squirrels everywhere, would it be the same over there? Today […]

A tour of Guildford

This past weekend I had a chance to spend some time exploring Guildford which I thought I would share some of the fun things it has to offer! My friend was visiting from Canada I wanted to give her a full experience. We started off by having breakfast at this independent coffee shop here that […]

Placement Interviews

It’s that time of the year for me. I’ve applied to a ton of placements and a few have called me in for interviews. So I thought I’d make a quick little post about what to do/what not to do during these. If you’ve applied for a big company (e.g: a big pharmaceutical company) chances […]

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