University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

Highlights 2014-2015

So I’m down to my final week of my first year here at Surrey. I’ve got one exam left (on this coming Friday) and I’m flying out immediately the next day. Naturally, I cannot wait to be back home, see my friends and family (and be done with uni work for a good 3 months!). […]

The Buddy Scheme

This is an opportunity put forward by the University’s International Student Support Office. This way, new international students can meet some current students and get to know Guildford and the university. What you have to do is sign up for the scheme by emailing and you will get paired off with a current Surrey student […]

What To Bring When You Make The Move

  Before I get down to business, the Guardian University rankings were released and Surrey is now 4th in the UK!! This is a jump from our previous 6th place. The Biosciences program is now 7th in the UK. You can check out what your program is ranked here: Just put in your program […]

Freshers 2015

From the title, one can already guess what this one’s about. Fresher’s week is the week before lectures officially start. It’s a week where new students move in, get settled and figure out their way around campus. It’s a week of events, meet and greets and finishes off with the annual Fresher’s Fayre. I arrived […]

Post-Easter Break 2015

This past week (my first week back at university) has been brutal. I arrived Sunday evening and immediately had lectures on the following Monday. The jetlag was unbearable. To be honest, I’m still recovering from it (I find myself getting very sleepy at about 6 pm and then I’m wide awake till about 2 am). […]

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