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The Affective Understanding of Post-Brexit European Integration*

* Reposted from the DCU Brexit Institute with permission. Original link here: http://dcubrexitinstitute.eu/2019/02/the-affective-understanding-of-post-brexit-european-integration/ The Affective Understanding of Post-Brexit European Integration February 20, 2019 The Affective Understanding of Post-Brexit European Integration Simona Guerra (University of Leicester) Theofanis Exadaktylos (University of Surrey) Roberta Guerrina (University of Surrey) Euroscepticism as a subject of research has taken a new turn following the […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to January

Another odd month in the tracker: in practical terms, very little has happened, despite all the activity. The problem remains as it did in December (and November): a deep discomfort in Parliament about the Withdrawal Agreement, but no consensus about how to deal with that, either internally or in coordination with the EU. If only […]

Conciliation and trust in the post-Meaningful Vote period

Change sneaks up on you. Certainly I was surprised that my reading of Theresa May’s statement following her heavy defeat on the Meaningful Vote on Tuesday was out-of-step with many others. While they spoke and wrote about how her reaching across the aisle was going to lead to splits in the Tories because many would […]

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