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The promise and perils of a ‘full monty’ transition

This is a longer version of an article published yesterday in The Telegraph. While much attention has been given to the final state of the EU-UK relationship, much less has gone towards the arrangements for any transitional period between leaving the EU and the start of the new relationship. With the common agreement in the […]

Tightening Le Touquet and the second-order effects of Brexit

Today’s visit to London by President Macron is important on a number of levels, not least for triggering the long-overdue debate about whether King Harold would have been a Brexiter. If the loaning of the Bayeux Tapestry is something of a sideshow, then it also speaks the overly febrile nature of British political debate that […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to December

It’s nearly the end of the year, so as a present for you, I offer up the final updates on Article 50, including today’s draft mandate proposal from the Commission. The European Council meeting a couple of weeks ago was a big step forward and generally increases the chances of a deal being reached. Importantly, there […]

On being open (or closed)

As we await the verdict of tomorrow’s European Council on the move to Phase 2, it’s perhaps useful to reflect on the decision-making style of Theresa May. Last night provided a vivid illustration of this, with the amendment to the Withdrawal Bill, which provides Parliament with a vote on the final deal. We might discuss […]

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