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‘Freedom to Roam’

Earlier this month, after a negotiation lasting several years between the European Commission and the telecommunications companies, mobile phone roaming charges were abolished within the EU. This means that we can now all use our mobile devices anywhere within the Union exactly as we do at home: a great new ‘freedom to roam’. Happily for […]

How transferable is the EU referendum and the Brexit experience?

I’ve spent the day down at Sussex, talking euroscepticism and Brexit with a highly-informed group of colleagues. As our debate ranged over a wide terrain (see my live-ish tweeting here), several questions kept recurring, first and foremost of which was whether the UK was a special case, or a potential model of Eurosceptic activists to […]

Article 50 Infographics – updated to end June

It’s been a busy month in Brexit-land, with a General Election that produced an unexpected result and the opening of substantive negotiations under Article 50. Tomorrow is also the first anniversary of the referendum, so this is a good point to take stock (including this fine report). With this in mind, I’ve updated all three […]

Why the General Election will make little difference to the Article 50 negotiations

This piece was originally produced for “UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign”, E. Thorsen, D. Jackson, D. Lilleker (eds.), available at http://www.electionanalysis.uk/ and a thoroughly good read.   At the heart of Theresa May’s logic for calling the snap General Election was the argument that she needed a stronger mandate as she entered into negotiations with the […]

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