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The potential of Brexit

As you’d probably expect – given my assorted responsibilities – I’ve managed to be out of the UK for most of the past fortnight. Sure, I’ve been talking about Brexit for all that time, but being away from the maelstrom does change things somewhat (and not just because I get to turn down opportunities to […]

Torrid times in Brexit Town: Notes from September 2019

Given the momentous events of the past week, I’d like to look in a little more detail at some of the changes we’ve seen, and reflect on their consequences. Prorogation and Parliament I’d written a blog on prorogation on the day the news broke about it.[1] It might seem an arcane parliamentary tool, but prorogation […]

Happy days

So today I finally make it to becoming a Professor. Since this blog has been an important part of helping to raise my profile and sharing my work, it’s only fitting that I use this platform to thank all of my colleagues – at Surrey and beyond – for their part in getting me to […]

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