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Infographic for the “Negotiating Brexit” event, London, 20 October

As part of the “Negotiating Brexit” event that Hussein Kassim (UEA) and I are running at the British Academy today, as part of our Brexit Priority grant project on the positions of the various member states in the Article 50 process, I have produced an infographic. This summarises both the key issues in each of […]

Who needs what from the European Council?

The European Council today and tomorrow is an important staging post for the Article 50 process. It marks the point at which the EU27 had decided they would review the negotiations and take stock. More particularly, the original mandate for the Commission suggested that this was the point at which the European Council would take […]

Refugees, migrants, IDPs: Protecting people on the move – without distinction

Above: Somali Refugees are seen in Malkadiida Refugee Camp, Ethiopia. 25 August 2017. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe This post first appeared on the ICRC Humanitarian Law and Policy Blog, 9 October 2017 ‘It is not the movement of persons that is the problem, it is the movement of persons without the protection of fundamental rights and […]

More negotiation theory in Article 50

I’ve talked before about how negotiation theory might throw some light on the Article 50 process, but it seems useful to return to the subject, given the continuing difficulties that the sides are encountering: might the literature offer some insights? Today, it’s Zartman who springs to mind. He writes on the conflict management side of […]

Must May go, or might May stay? A Brexit balancesheet

There’s nothing very useful to be to added to the general cacophony around Theresa May’s speech to her party conference yesterday: the jokes have all been made, the judgments handed in. But one aspect that’s been relatively overlooked is the impact on Brexit: as discussion continues to swirl about, could it improve things to have […]

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