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Last of the optimists?

In the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a creeping sensation that I might be more deluded than usual.  As befits my historical institutionalist leanings, I tend to think that things look like they used to look, and will look like they look now: not quite homeostasis, but at least self-stabilising.  At the level of […]

Cash for politicians…

Away from the on-going turmoil of the eurozone crisis and the faltering economic recovery, the long-running saga of funding politicians has just seen its latest development.  The Committee for Standards in Public Life – set up in the mid-1990s after a series of scandals – has just published its report on party financing.  It recommends […]

Turkey’s accession to the EU: A response to Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack

In Episode 8 of the Politics Pod, Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack is interviewed on the issue of Turkey’s accession to the EU. This interview is available to watch now on YouTube. Inspired by his expert analysis and in the School’s spirit of open discussion and the complementarity of ideas in a research community, it prompted our PhD student Anne Bostanci to […]

Italy’s turbulent week: current trends and future prospects

Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack joined some of our colleagues (Dr. Cristiano Bee, Dr. Roberta Guerrina and Dr. Luca Mavelli) in conversation about the latest developments in Italian Politics over the last few weeks. Clearly, these are very interesting and worrying times for Italy and Italians. It is therefore important for scholars of European politics to consider […]

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