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Europe comes back to haunt the Tory party

Today’s debate in the Commons on holding a referendum on EU membership very simply highlights the dangers of the issue for David Cameron.  Remember that he was the leader who finally poured balm on what had been a very divisive topic for the Conservatives, although it not appears that this was largely by the expedient […]

Eureka? The entrepreneurial spirit in public debts

It is certainly not a secret that ‘Plan B’s have been cooked up for the future of Greece within the Eurozone. From time to time new ideas and incentives come to the forefront, the latest one being that of Mr. Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next and Conservative life peer, who is trying to entice economists to come up with a plan for how countries can quit the Eurozone by offering a cash prize of £250,000 to the best solution. Not too bad of an idea if only the solution was so cheap and, in fact, not political.

The Death of Gaddafi: An Interview with Jason Ralph

October 21, 2011 Professor Jason Ralph (University of Leeds) interviewed by Dr Jack Holland (University of Surrey) On the 9th of November, Professor Jason Ralph will visit the School of Politics and the Centre for International Intervention at Surrey to deliver a lecture on: International law, liberal interventionism and centre-left British foreign policies after Iraq.  […]

Anti-capitalism protests across the globe: rebels with too many causes?

Dr Holland said: “In this instance, that is particularly difficult, as the multitude of causes driving the protest movement arguably only reflects the diversity of opinion about what is wrong with the global economy and how best to fix it. Media commentary on the protests around the world has so far been characterised by intrigue, […]

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