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Syria, a Proxy Conflict in the Middle East Cold War

by John Turner The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iranmarked the beginning of the second Middle East Cold War. Saudi Arabia and Iran along with their allies have been engaged in cold confrontation since that time. However, in large part this began to thaw in the years following the election of Muhammad Khatami to the Iranian presidency […]

Rethinking International Intervention

When the term “intervention” is used in the context of international crisis management people usually think of military intervention. That is a reflection of how narrow our view of intervention has become, in the context of the willingness of a generation of Western political leaders to launch military expeditions in far-off countries in response to […]

International women’s day: why it still matters!

Celebrations of international women’s day started in the early 1900s as a protest against working conditions of women in textile factories. March 8th became internationally recognised as women’s day in 1975, following the UN campaign for the International Women’s Year.  It is interesting to follow some of the contributions and views expressed on Twitter about […]

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