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Crisis in the Eurozone: A Greek perspective

Our in-house political psychology and behaviour expert, Dr Capelos, cross-examines our in-house Greek politics expert, Dr Exadaktylos, in an effort to make sense of current developments unfolding in the Euro-area and Greece itself. The exchange took place between 11.40 and 12.40 local time and will be updated should developments surpass the relevance of some opinions.

The trouble with people

As Winston Churchill famously remarked once, “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”.  Certainly, last night’s announcement by the Greek Prime Minister to hold a referendum on the latest bailout package does strike one as (at best) high-risk.  The general consensus amongst […]

Was the International Intervention in Libya a Success?

With the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2016 of 27 October and the statement on 28 October from the NATO Secretary-General announcing the end of NATO’s air campaign, the UN-mandated intervention in Libya is now officially at an end (although the UN Security Council, using the customary language, remains “actively seized of the matter”). Was it a success? […]

Europe comes back to haunt the Tory party

Today’s debate in the Commons on holding a referendum on EU membership very simply highlights the dangers of the issue for David Cameron.  Remember that he was the leader who finally poured balm on what had been a very divisive topic for the Conservatives, although it not appears that this was largely by the expedient […]

Eureka? The entrepreneurial spirit in public debts

It is certainly not a secret that ‘Plan B’s have been cooked up for the future of Greece within the Eurozone. From time to time new ideas and incentives come to the forefront, the latest one being that of Mr. Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next and Conservative life peer, who is trying to entice economists to come up with a plan for how countries can quit the Eurozone by offering a cash prize of £250,000 to the best solution. Not too bad of an idea if only the solution was so cheap and, in fact, not political.

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