Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Volunteering with Cherry Trees 🎅🏼

Hello!! I’m back with another Christmas related post! This time, sharing with you my volunteering experience with Cherry Trees! Who is Cherry Trees?  Cherry Trees is a small charity providing home and care for children with disabilities including learning, physical and sensory impairments. The caregivers and management are extremely lovely and caring people, constantly going […]

Roadtrip Reflections (3): Dortmund

Hi everyone, It’s almost December now and it’s starting to get really cold! The week started out a little warmer at 15˚C though and that lasted until Wednesday night before the rain brought the temperatures down again. Aside from work at the office, it’s not been that special of a week, not until Thursday at least. My […]

Guildford Is All Ready For Christmas ⛄

Alright! Let’s Countdown! Three….. 3️⃣ Two….. 2️⃣ One….. 1️⃣ Christmas Lights in Guildford is on!! 🌟☃️ 🌟 Another year of festivity is around the corner and everyone is excited! Hope you are too! (Source @nicolettehoqt) Once again, Guildford’s traditional Christmas Lights switch-on is back with a plethora of activities! Hundreds of spectators filled Guildford High street to bask in the festivity and participate […]

Roadtrip Reflections (2): Hamburg

Hi everyone, It’s been quite a busy week at the International Office this week as we began welcoming the new batch of ambassadors in for their first blogging “assignment”. It was good to see the many new faces and some people were even in more than once because they were doing campus tours as well. Things […]

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