Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

#SurreyDecides. Democracy, Decisions and Dedication

Surrey Decides is a time of year which current University students, in their second year or above, will know extremely well. However, if you’re a first year student or a prospective student, you will have no idea what those two words mean, so I’m going to explain them to you, and show what massive opportunities […]

My experience trying new sports at Surrey

  When I first came to university, there was so much free time compared to what I was used to in Sixth Form. Having never lived away from home, uni was my opportunity to spend my time exactly how I wanted to. With all this free time and newfound independence, I was really excited to go […]

Anticipating University

Now that you’ve finished the stressful process of applying to university, and dragging your parents around numerous open days, it’s time to think ahead with a positive mind set and anticipate preparing for what you will need in your new university life. Moving away from home for the first time and being thrown into a […]

13 things I couldn’t live without as a university student

With most of the university application deadlines over soon, if you have just applied to university, you are probably thinking about what lies ahead. When people talk about university, they often focus on imagining the big events like the nights out and living independently. But on a day to day basis, what is the average day […]

To Student House or not to Student House || My living experience this year

So you finally feel settled into your flat, you’re just about on top of your workload, and looking forward to Christmas. Everything is sorted! Oh wait – now you have to start thinking about where to live next year… “But it’s not even Christmas!” you exclaim, “why on earth do I need to be planning […]

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