Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

Time to Get Ready: Insider Tips

Hello everyone! So you’ve gotten to the end of all those late night revisions sessions, you’ve taken the dreaded exams, and you’ve come out of the other side! Now it’s time to sit back, wait for your results, and prepare to start your university journey. So, here’s a few things you’ll want in your pocket […]

Someone To Lean On

Hello everyone! So both A-Level and University exams are certainly underway and whilst it’s good to have all those healthy eating, extra sleeping tips there’s also a few I can give for when it all gets a little bit too much … and trust me it does! But that’s ok, we’ve all experienced the pre-exam […]

My Placement Story- Applying, Interviewing and Accepting

Here at Surrey, many people choose to undertake a 4 year degree when they do a placement in their third year and then come back to university and do a fourth year to finish off their degree. This is often called a ‘sandwich year’ and you will find it at other Universities, however at Surrey […]

Exam Tips…That time again already?!

My fourth exam period…they don’t get any easier. Maybe you’re a prospective student reading this wondering what Exam periods are like at The University of Surrey…or perhaps you’re a current student intrigued as to how other students navigate their way through the exam periods while studying for a degree. Truly: this post will probably only […]

Sociably Sporty in Surrey: It’s super!

A quick introduction… “Hi everyone! My name’s Harry Bower, a second year undergraduate student studying International Events Management here at The University of Surrey. I’m here to share my experiences at University, both current, past and future. I’m originally from Devon, in the UK (a good four and a half hours away), so I know […]

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