Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

Having a jolly good Christmas without a jolly good breakdown

Ah Christmas. For many, the best time of the year, (however if you’re a Grinch it might be that time of year full of being cold and everyone being ridiculously cheerful, that’s fine too) a time for gifts, family, food and fun. However, for students this is often a time thwart with the looming deadlines […]

4 ways to make the most of the winter holidays

The winter holidays may seem like a big, open break for students, but there are lots of things to be thinking about during Christmas that are tempting to ignore. Here are 4 ways you can make the most of the holidays as a student and also set yourself up well for the new year…   […]

The Society Scene

So once you’ve settled into the new house, the new housemates, and the looming hob and cooker, that always seemed have to work themselves before, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of your university experience. University truly is one of the greatest adventures to take – please excuse the […]

Don’t stress: everything is going to be okay

Regardless of whether you’re a prospective student, currently at Surrey or alumni, this is for you. Stress is such a norm nowadays; it is an accepted part of everyday life. This doesn’t mean it has to affect your life in such a way that day-to-day existence starts to become unbearable. I think when there is […]

How to choose a university: my student experience

      When I first started looking at universities the options seemed overwhelming. There are hundreds of universities in the UK offering thousands of courses. It was ultimately my choice where the future would take me. I knew I wanted to be as well informed about my options as I could manage, to make […]

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