Surrey meets the USA

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

Surrey Sports Park: Let me help break it down for you

Ok. So in a previous post I wrote about how to get motivated to do¬†school work instead of continuously indulging in Netflix and mentioned how physically getting my body moving helps me get the wheels in my mind turning for assignments. As someone who likes some variety in activity (aka I have tried many of […]

Accommodation at Surrey: A Comprehensive Guide

Happy Friday! As the second semester begins, I am sure you are closer to deciding whether or not Surrey is the right fit for you (I think it is, but hey – I might be biased ūüėČ ).¬†My fellow student ambassadors and I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding on-campus accommodation lately so […]

Cinema and Theatre

London is an epicentre of culture and arts. With the West End, the equivalent of Broadway, thriving in central London, attending a theatre show is a must. There is an incredible variety of shows that are available with varying prices. The West End can be expensive, but buying tickets at the right time can help. […]

Professional Development at Surrey

If you are anything like myself, you understand the¬†feeling of dread and terror associated with holiday time and seeing extended family that is all too keen to ask you “so, what are you doing after you graduate?” This question plagued my senior year of undergrad. The uncertainty of employment after graduation is undeniably scary and […]

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