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Crowdfunding and the modern entrepreneur

Crowdfunding is a skill which entrepreneurs need to develop in the modern business world to promote products, ideas and projects. It goes well beyond raising capital for a new venture and includes pre-commerce, branding, and networking as well. Ultimately, it is about building a community who share similar interests and embarking on a journey together. […]

ManagePlaces: A digital success story born and raised at Surrey

ManagePlaces is a great example of the fertile atmosphere for cross-faculty, cross-sector start-up activity here on campus – and of how the Business School team are reaching out to support other disciplines as they navigate the digital economy. A digital success story ManagePlaces’ core product is a workflow management system for remote teams. The company […]

Agile Innovation in the Business Insights Lab

Surrey Business School’s Business Insights Lab reaches out to businesses of all sizes and descriptions who are trying to make sense of – and prosper within – the dizzying changes brought about by the Digital Economy. BiL brings together businesses, students, and leading academics to deliver tangible and effective solutions. In October BiL moves into […]

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