[Escape the University] Seaside Bournemouth🇬🇧


It is the end of April: Yes it means a lot to me because the season of spring have f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived Surrey.

By the end of April, all HKDSE fighters will have finished their public exams in Hong Kong. Despite the results, pay yourself a tribute for the wholehearted effort that has been spent in the past years.  Was it end of the day? umm not exactly. Indeed there are two choices; you may live in the past or think about the past. Three years ago I was at the same crunch point of my life journey and I still remember the latter was my choice at that time; I think about the past to imagine how much things could be better in the future. Indeed I still believe that studying abroad is a right judgmental call to myself.

A decision to study at an UK’s University is a long-term investment of myself: It is a destination of opportunities. Not only that I enjoy discussing my research and my thoughts with professors, I also enjoy exploring my touristic self.

Today let’s get some holiday break from our hub; a train ride from University of Surrey to Cardiff is two hours-ish🛤. While Sophie has taken her two hours train to Cardiff, where else can we go exploring within two hours of train travels🚆?

I chose to ride on another train route to one of the renown British resort city pertaining to beach – Bournemouth.

Holiday cottages are everywhere in a resort city like Bournemouth. This time we have chosen our 2-night lodging from the Airbnb🏡, which is a really user-friendly hospitality service platform for us travelers because by that we can search for rooms at a much  reasonable rent than hotels (especially during summer).

Personally I strongly recommend to stay in this host because he has been superbly nice to us even we had a really late check-out in the final day’s morning. (N.B. Abide by the house rules whenever staying in other’s house)

By the way if my memory serves me correctly, our beloved Diana is enjoying her part-time in the London Airbnb office….perhaps any tips or recommendations of Airbnb hosts should go back to her.

The weather☁️ (yes again ….in the UK you can link everything to weather)  is not of the best as we expect.

(Photo courtesy: Eason)

However the worst is that we initially expected a balloon ride…


….and when we get there, nothing is left but grass😧.

It is until that moment before we truly understand what it means by ‘not flying’ : it doesn’t mean we have missed the  opening hour but it means there will be no more opening hour.

Of cause we’ve got a plan B : straight to the beach !


When the weather is nice, it much looks like a paradise.(photo courtesy: alamy.com)


and only if the weather is nice, photo will look better.👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Then we pay a visit to the- The Bournemouth Aquarium

I wouldn’t say we were expecting anything inside; probably it is because we have got some vouchers for the Aquarium and it happens that someone has made the suggestion to….

….take a photo like that.


For the dinner part, we took the advice from Tripadviser and going to try some noodles🍜🍜.



I can’t deny that KOI’s ramen in London really seems to be luscious; Hillary, I will let you know anyway whether Noodle Bar in Bournemouth or KOI Ramen Bar in London deserves the title of ‘best’ after I have time to try the KOI’s ramen with soya sauce marinated eggs.

Finally the benefit of a holiday cottage is always seen during night time🌛.

N.B. Only take responsible alcohol consumption 🍻❗️

…and live while we’re young🤘.


See you guys next time 🙂

David xx