My first-year summer internship experience

Hi everyone!

Before starting the career path, I believe most of us would like to gain work experience through different channels. Some of us may either consider taking part-time jobs or summer internship like I did! Yet, it undoubtedly becomes harder to secure a job in most of the workplaces in this pandemic situation (I can’t too!) In fact, there are some courses at Surrey that offer placement year opportunity. This allows students to work for up to 12 months before the final year starts! You can find more information here: You can also check out the placement year experience shared by Hillary: ‘Why you should consider a placement year? Part 1 and Part 2

Back to today’s topic! Last summer, I took part in the 2 month-long internship at Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong, working as an assistant in the Marketing Communications Department. It was a valuable opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the hospitality field serving as a back-office in the hotel. In these two months, not only did I participate in the daily operation of the department, but I was also responsible for the rebrand of the hotel.

The rebranding process from previously Hotel VIC to Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour was a new challenge for me. Thanks to the guidance of my supervisors, I had the experience to actively liaison with different hotel departments or companies. For example, we have to ensure the hotel collaterals are renewed under Hyatt standards and in a right and appealing format. Moreover, we have to notify various websites operators and taxi operators for this big rebranding news!

There were actually more unforgettable memories working in these two months. I had a great time working with my colleagues and staffs in the hotel! it was a valuable experience that I had many chances to practise my communications and multi-tasking skills. Moreover, I realised the importance of teamwork and time management. I was really touched and blessed to witness and involve in the whole rebranding process, especially this is the first Hyatt Centric hotel in Greater China. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity and I wish a prosperous future to this hotel.

I never expect this summer internship could mean that much to me! I would like to suggest you guys try to stay out of the comfort zone because you never know what is the ‘best fit’ for your future career until you made your first move!

There are a couple of internship searching engines on the internet, try to spend time for internship hunting! For instance, there are job openings on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more. All the best guys 😉