Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Halloween 2015

Hello there, Its nice writing back again. As I’m in my second year its becoming quiet hard to manage work and studies. I know Halloween has gone back but I’ve got loads to say about it. I don’t think I’m a well organised guy of planning ahead of doing things. All my flatmates and my […]

Trip to India

Hello All, Hope you all had a great weekend! Recapping my last blog Good bye for now from UK and will write to you next week about the time I spent in India. ————————————————————————————————————– And now its all about the fun that I had in India… I had my transit in Delhi, the sad thing […]

Recapping Summer :)

Hi there, Its great to write to you all again. Its been a long time since I blogged. Hope you all had a great summer break. And of course I had a great one too. My break was filled with work, fun and India trip. As soon as I finished my university exams I started […]

Goodbye Surrey

My last day at this university. I have been a part of this campus for a year now, feels surreal. Last year, sometime around November, I wrote my first blog as an Indian Student Ambassador. This will be my final blog bidding goodbye to the university tomorrow and memories of the past year is giving me […]

5 days of Summer

Non-British people humor English summer season as ‘5 days of Summer’. The reason behind this is exactly what the phrase says, Britain experiences summer for a maximum number of 5 days during their whole summer season. Well, I cannot deem this to be completely true as summer season has not ended here yet. But since […]

Summer Break!!

Hi all, Hope you all are doing well. It’s been a long since I blogged sorry about that was busy with the exams. As it was difficult for me to commute during the revision weeks I decide to stay in the university accommodation. When I told the same to accommodation services they were kind enough […]

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