Surrey meets Malaysia

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Another HOST visit to Exmouth!

Helloooooo everyone! Nice to see you all once again 🙂 It’s officially the end of the semester and final exams are commencing soon so the campus is relatively quiet. I’m having my first paper this coming Friday, which means the day after tomorrow and I’m getting nervous about it. It’s the last final exams of […]

Day trip to Bicester Village and Oxford!

Hiiiiii everyone! It’s lovely to be able to blog again. 🙂 It was raining the whole day yesterday but it was sunny and bright again today so it’s definitely a good day! 😛 The finals is coming sooooooo soon, which my first paper will start on next Friday and I’m really nervous now. 🙁 I guess […]

School-Style Sports Day!

Heyyyyyy everybody! How’s everyone doing? The weather here in England turned very warm since last week and it was becoming to look really like Malaysia (or maybe not 😛 ). The weather during beginning of May was still quite cold and windy ranging around 15 degree Celsius, but it surged to almost 26 degree Celsius the […]

Back from the Easter’s Holidays- Part 2!

Hellooooo again everyone! 🙂 Sorry for the late update on the blog. There’s a sports event at Surrey Sports Park on Wednesday which I’ve attended to support my friends who are competing and it was a really fun! Stay tuned and I shall share more details in my next post. 🙂 So, back to today’s topic, […]

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!

Hey guys. How’s life? 🙂 So as usual it’s Wednesday again so it’s blogging day! Wheee~~ 😛 Although I don’t really know how many of you is actually reading on the blogs but I really do hope those that are really reading it enjoys the posts, and of course if there is anything that you […]

Back from the Easter Holidays!

Hello everyone! How’s everyone doing? Good? Sorry for MIA-ing for the last whole month as I’m away on the roads during the Easter holidays. 😛 So, there is actually a main perk of studying overseas, where we get alot of holidays! 😛 I felt like 3 weeks Christmas break was just not long ago, and then […]

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