Surrey meets Malaysia

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

A weekend getaway to the North of Wales

Hey there! It is officially the second day we are back from the long most awaited Easter break. The University of Surrey has nearly one month of Easter break (p/s: another advantage of studying at get longer breaks 😉 )  It has been a great one month especially with the weather improving and the […]

Backpacking across Spain!

Hi there! I’m blogging from sunny Malaysia at the moment & absolutely enjoying the weather! Granted, it is really warm but after 8 months of wearing 4 layers constantly, this is a welcomed change. Today’s blog is a throwback to my Easter holidays in 2014. Surrey University has almost a month of Easter break; usually […]

Placement year!

Apa khabar semua! Hope everyone’s been having a good week; thank goodness for the weekend eh? Today I thought I’d share some insight into one of the main reasons students choose Surrey University; Placement! There are many wonderful reasons to come to Surrey University but personally I felt that the sandwich programme, which is usually […]

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