Malaysia meets Surrey!

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

Guildford, the Town

Hey guys I hope you’re all good. This week I felt that I should write about the town of Guildford. It is where most Surrey students go for their food or a night out during the weekend. I would say that the town is very well catered for students. It is home to familiar restaurants […]

Entry. 1 : I’m Jessie

Hi everyone! So this is my first blog post on here and I am one of the new ambassadors this year. I am excited and extremely honoured to share my years of experiences in Surrey and in the UK, maybe even in Malaysia and other countries. Small Introduction, My name is Jessie. I am from […]

Gotta get that money!

Hey guys I hope you’re well and have enough money to buy groceries haha. This week, the topic is about duit duit duit. I’ve been finding it a bit challenging to keep track of my finances. I think all students go through this sooner or later but this month’s been particularly hard on me. The […]

New Malaysian Ambassadors!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well 🙂 So some very exciting news: there are 3 new Malaysian ambassadors joining the International Team this year! I just had coffee with them two days ago and it was a nice session of getting to know one another. You’ll see them posting on this blog alongside myself […]

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