Malaysia meets Surrey!

Keeping up with the lives of four Malaysian students currently studying at Surrey

What to bring to Surrey!

Hi there! Firstly, congratulations on A-Level results for all those who received it yesterday! I’m sure you’ve all done splendidly 😀 I still remember sitting in my room and receiving an email from Surrey University stating that I had been accepted. I immediately rang my mum and was crying hysterically, so much so that she […]

Open Days at Surrey!

Hello Hello! I’ve had quite a busy week, holidaying in Edinburgh and house/flat hunting in Swindon. I start my graduate job at the end of Sept! 🙂 Anyways, today I thought I’d do a throwback post about working at Surrey University’s Open Day on the 30th and 1st July. Firstly, everyone is welcome to Open […]

Graduation at Surrey!

Hi there! It’s been a while I know, my apologies! I’ve had the most amazing past few weeks with graduation, the ball and travelling the UK with my parents whom were down for the event Today’s post shall be allll about graduation week! I shall do a throwback post the next time regarding the BBQ […]

Summer time at Surrey!

Hi everyone! 🙂 It’s officially summer and I’m thrilled beyond belief! As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m a summer baby and love the sunshine: so much so I’m convinced I get seasonal affective disorder (SAD) : a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. I’ll be staying in UK for the […]

五月 | 天

消聲匿跡了一整個月。 只因為第二學期把人忙成狗。從五月一號開始的論文deadline,到無限期的活動,論文,義工,各種交替之後;留下的是忽瘦(忙得沒時間吃)忽胖(解脫後的狂吃)的痕跡,還有對人生成長過程認知的人性。有快樂、有憤怒、有委屈、有不平、有失望更有絕望……對於五月的概括大約就是:人生而為人,有所為有所不為,對得起自己良心才好。 感恩篇 五月是我的生日月,也是我們整個學年最忙的一個月。生日那天,我沒期待的慶生,卻在情義相挺的朋友中「暗中勾(行)結(事)」而大家得以聚首,一頓晚飯很短,但是那點時間,都是大家死擠硬擠挪出來的時段。整個本該高級的餐廳,被我們搞得吵翻天……我們錯了。 😅滿滿的儘是溫暖的回憶與片言隻語,給的卻是無法忘懷的革命友情。 大家互相支持,互相聆聽,互相扶持。沒有心機,沒有害人之心,曾幾何時變得那麼珍貴,卻又讓我那麼幸運地遇到了這一班人。外地生活不易,能遇到一班聊得來還不互相傷害的很少。我們無條件支持+捧場對方的活動,幾乎沒視對方為競爭對手。兩個星期四個活動,根本就跑趴馬拉松,但我們真的沒在玩,真心。只是寄學習寓娛樂。獲得什麼?沒什麼,就是拍爛掌聲的手+因尖叫而變啞的嗓還有無限溫暖回憶。 辦個活動,自己動用了全世界在幫忙與支持。家人、家人的朋友、的朋友,還有以前在林肯一起唸書的他們,聽我發牢騷,幫我宣傳。世界上最難還的人情債,全在這活動裡欠下了。現在我無德無能,只能用最感恩的心,去祝禱你們的好運🍀,也願在我能力之內還債。 😊這大約也是,世上我欠的最溫暖的債務。

Why Surrey! :D

Hi Hi! One thing’s for sure: the final stretch is here! T-2 weeks till my first exams. This week is emotional with the last lectures ever as Undergraduates and I for one, am definitely feeling a whole bag of emotions. Happy and sad that my 4 years here at Surrey are coming to an end […]

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