Anne Skeldon gives two talks at the University of Nottingham

Anne Skeldon is visiting the School of Mathematics at the University of Nottingham this week (5-6 December) to give two invited talks. The first talk is in the seminar series of the DTC Modelling and Analytics for a Sustainable Society.  The talk is based on work that came out of the ERIE Project and will focus on two themes: agent based modelling (based on this paper), and equation-free methods (based on this paper). The title is “Agent-based modelling of food waste recycling and the prediction of policy impact” The second talk is in the Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology Seminar series. The title is “Mathematical modelling of sleep and (other) daily biological rhythms: light, clocks and social jetlag” and a link to the seminar page with abstract is here. The upper-left photo shows the new Mathematics Building at Nottingham.