Sports Clubs and Societies at Surrey

Hi guys,

Adenike is here again and I want to talk about the sports clubs and societies at the University of Surrey.

The University of Surrey is an international community with over 200 clubs and societies and I have challenged myself to list every one of them. I am doing this to say that there are loads of interesting activities, one could engage with while studying. These clubs and societies provide the opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and colleagues, as well as develop a wide range of transferrable skills beyond the programme of the academic study that would be useful in the near future. Also, if you are looking for an escape from your Uni academic routine, to develop a new skill or hone your talents, to learn a new language, I highly recommend you join and actively participate in clubs and societies. All clubs and societies are managed by the University of Surrey Student Union.  

Here is a list of the clubs and societies at the University of Surrey:

African-Caribbean Society

Afghan Society

Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society

Albanian Society

American Football

Anime and Manga Society

Arabic Society


Art Society

Association of British and Chinese University Students

Athletics and Cross Country Club

Autistic Society


Baking Society

Ballroom and Latin Dance

Band society

Barbershop Harmony Society

Baseball and Softball

Basket ball

Bengali Society

Bhangra Society

Big band

Biomedical Engineering Society

Bioscience Society

Boat Club

Bollywood Society

Book Club Society

Boxing Club

Brass Band

Bulgarian Society

Business School Society

Canoe and Kayak Club

Catholc Society

Cheerleading Squad

Chemical Engineering Society

Chemistry Society

Chinese Christian Fellowship

Chineese Society

Chosen Christian Fellowship

Christian Union

Civil Engineering Society

Cocktail Society

Commuters society

Composers Society

Computing Society

Concert Band

Conservative Society

Consulting Society

Craft Society

Cricket Club

Cycling Club

Cypriot Society

Czech and Slovak Society

Dance Squad

Debating Society

Debenelux Society

Dietetics Society

Disney Society


Electronic and Amateur Radio Society


Engineering without boarders

Equestrian and Polo Club

Feminist Society

Fencing Club

Filipino Society

Film Society

Football Club (Men)

Football Club (Women)

Racing Technology Engineering Solutions (Formula Student Racing Team)

 French Society

Game Society

Gliding Society

Golf Club

Gospel Choir

Guildford School of Acting Society

Guilldford Leo

Gymnastics Club

Hack Surrey  

Hellenic Society

Hip Hop and Rap Society

Hispanic Society

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Hockey Club

Hong Kong Society

Ice Skating Socerty

Indian Students Association

Indonesian Society

Iranian Society

Italian Society

Japanese Society

Jazz Orchestra

Jewish Student Society

Jiu Jitsu Club

Judo Club

Karate Club

Karting Club

Korean International Students Society

Lacrosse Club

Law Society

LGBT+ Society

Literature Society  

Music and Drama Society

Mah Jong Society

Malaysian Society

Match Making Society

Material Science Society

Maths Society

Mechanical Society (Aerospace, Mechanical, Biomedical, Automotive)

Meditation Society (ZenSoc)

Men Futsal Club

Midwifery Society

Mind Society

Mixed Martial Arts

Model United Nations Society 🤩

Mountaineering Club

Musical Theatre Society

Nepalese Society

Netball Club

Nigerian Society 🤩 

No wave Society

Nordic Society

Nursing Society

Nutrition Society

Pakistani Society

Paramedic Society

People and Planet Society

Pet Society

Photographic Society

Physics Society

Poker Society

Pole Fitness Society

Polish Society

Politics Society

Pool and Snooker Club

Portuguese Society

Post-graduate Society

Powerhouse Fellowship

Presha Society

Psycology Society

Rifle Club

Rugby Football Club (men)

Rugby Football Club (women)

Russian Speakers Society

Sailing Club

Salsa Society

Sub-Aqua (Scuba) Club

Sikh Society

Singaporean Society

Snowsports Club

Sociology Society

Somali Society

Spikeball Club

Squash Club

Sri Lankan Society

Stag Radio

Stage Crew

Stag TV

String Orchestra

Student Action for Refugees Society

Subcultured Magazine

Surf Club

Cut the Rent Society

Economics and Finance Society

First Aid Society

Garden Society

Young Greens Society

Investing Society

Islamic Society

Labour Students Society

Surrey Liberal Society

Surrey Marrow Society

Surrey Reproducibility Society


UNICEF on campus Society

Video Gaming Society

Writers Society

Information Security Society

Swimming and Water Polo Club

Synth Society

Table Tennis Club

Taekwondo Club

Taiwanese Society

Tamil Society

Tennis Club

Tourism, Hospitality Events Society

The Stag Student Magazine

Theatre Society

Trampoline Club

Triathlon Club

Turkish Society

Ultimate Club

Vegan Society

Veterinary Society

Vietnamese Society

Volleyball Club

Wakeboarding Club

Weightlifting Club

Woke Surrey Society

Women in Engineering Society

Women in physics Society

Yoga Society

Yaay! …sighs… Thanks for scrolling till the end of the list, you probably would have noticed my societies while you were scrolling 😁

If you are a current University of Surrey student reading this and you discover that I have omitted any club or society, kindly fill me in the comments section. Also, if you are a prospective student thinking a new society could be introduced, kindly let me know what you think in the comments section. Moreover, if you are not interested in any of these clubs and societies, you and your friends can come together to set up a new society of choice.

Till my next blog,