My first week in Surrey

Hi there, I’m Joan and you are welcome to my diary. I hope you stay safe and strong.

Before joining this University, I did my research and stumbled upon several articles that highlight how amazing and supportive this school is to their students, and guess what? It is true! It didn’t take long before I found out how true that is. Please follow along as I relate to you my first-week experience.

The first time I got here, it was still winter so there was still a bit of snow and everywhere was super cold, lol. Thankfully, the University “meet and greet” made arrangements for an airport pickup to my accommodation (an SUV! lol. see pictures below) Initially, I had issues with my accommodation; I couldn’t get access to my apartment. So you can imagine my frustration. Immediately, I had to call the school and explain my predicament, and BOOM, they, in an instant, offered me free accommodation at a guest house for one full week. Can you believe that? FREE accommodation! “Okay, calm down Joan, so you don’t hyperventilate, stay calm,” I said to myself, haha. The accommodation was very nice and comfortable, I didn’t have to look twice to fall in love, as a matter of fact, it was love at first sight. Adapting to the environment was easy, thanks to the support I got from the school, it really was helpful. The town is super clean, the air fresh, the environment serene, and the school is beautiful and well organized. My favourite experience about the school is the fact that you do not have to worry about where to get food like veggies and noodles, these are very easy to find around here.

“The University of Surrey is the best place to be”; I’ve read that in articles and now I can attest to that fact.

The collaborative environment and friendliness here is second to none, thus making it the best option for anyone who’s seeking to further their academic pursuit. Ever since stepping foot on campus, I’ve been supported and welcomed. I am truly glad I chose this great and amazing school, and would very highly recommend this university to anyone who’s considering it.

Stay tuned and follow along as I take you through my one-month experience coming up in my next article. Till then, stay safe. #ProudlyNaija

“Meet and Greet” Airport pickup
MySurrey Hive- Access to immediate support and advice on student-life related queries
A quick photoshoot behind the guesthouse. It was pretty cold!