CVs, Interviews, and Everything In between

Hello people,  🤧… well, semester 2 is underway, and with it, the academic demands. 

Acknowledging that, it is so expensive to live in the United Kingdom today, groceries (feeding), transportation and household bills are stacking up too. As an international student, it is necessary to spend wisely, so I had to find a part-time job quickly, and my first hurdle was applying for a job, which leads me to sorting CVs and interviews.

Prior to joining Surrey, I had no idea what a good CV looks like or what employers look for in applicants. Did you know there is a difference between the layout of a part-time CV and the layout of a full-time CV? it wasn’t obvious to me until one of my university advisors pointed it out to me during an appointment.

The ‘Employability and Careers’ facility on campus at the University of Surrey provides students with career guidance and advice. They will help you prepare a tailored resume, fine-tune your CV to fit a particular job, full-time or part-time, and help you build skills for successful interviews. The employability and careers service is customized to meet your needs such as:
• A CV, Cover Letter or Personal Statement Check 
• An in-depth discussion of your career plans 
• A mock interview or interview advice 
• Job application advice and guidance 

By scheduling an appointment with one of the advisers, you can discuss the above points in order to improve your job prospects. The website for careers advice is

Although seeking employment can be a frightening and discouraging experience, I believe having the right mindset and tools to begin the process will be of significant help, so brace up and I hope you won’t have difficulties crafting an impressive CV, developing interview skills, or knowing what career path you would like to follow when you join Surrey.

See you soon, 

Stay safe 💕