Postgraduate life at Surrey

Discover more about what it's like to be a postgraduate student at Surrey.

Online learning

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Indeed, this expression is believed to be coined by an ancient Greek physician where he mentioned that a suitable cure for extreme diseases can be ‘restriction’ (the irony). Global circumstances have restricted us from public experience, compelled us to immerse ourselves with various activities in our confined four walled […]

Why study Criminology at Surrey

According to the Guardian’s 2019 league table for Criminology, Surrey was ranked number one, but don’t just take the Guardian’s word for it. Although I did not undertake my undergraduate at Surrey, I am very lucky to be doing my Msc in Criminology (Cybercrime and Cybersecurity) at Surrey. This is just one of three Criminology […]

The education journey and why to adapt

More than Six months down the lane and feels like a day ago since I came to UK to pursue my masters. More months to go, but I have learnt and experienced so much. From frequent travelling to social gatherings to immense studying and project submissions, this experience has been incredible. I do not remember […]

Making the Transition: Online Learning

Personally, for the most part, the transition to online learning has been relatively straightforward. As assignments and resources are found on the virtual learning platform, Surrey Learn; I would say the lack of drastic change has normalised what can be considered an unusual time in Higher Education. As with any change, there have been challenges […]

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