Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

The Week of an English Literature with Film Studies Student

This blog will take you a week into the world of an English Literature with Film Studies student, a world filled with reading, more reading, and a lot more reading. Regardless if you are studying the subject or not, there will be numerous tips which you could implement to your degree, many tips and tricks […]

Overcoming the Freshers Blues

Starting university is an incredible time for us all! We’ve gotten through our GCSE’s, survived our A-Levels and have prepared to embark on the journey into the working world. It’s safe to say that we all deserve a round of applause, especially to those starting and/or graduating in the midst of a global pandemic! There […]

How to budget as a University student

Starting university is such an exciting prospect, it’s a chance to move away from home and gain your own independence. However, with this independence comes responsibility too, the responsibility of managing your money. Budgeting can definitely seem a bit boring and something you might not want to think about before going  to university, but it […]

Applying to Veterinary Medicine

Hello everyone! My name’s Amy and I’m a 3rd year Veterinary Medicine student here at The University of Surrey.  I have applied twice for Veterinary Medicine after missing out on a place due to grades on my first application. This means I’ve completed 8 vet school interviews and was successful at 6 of them. As […]

Busting the Myths around Student Finance

Student Finance. Tuition Fees. Maintenance Loan. Repayments. We’ve all done our research, spent hours discussing it, and maybe even already applied for the funding, but how much do you really know about Student Finance? Year on year, these myths continue to cloud students’ thoughts, so I think it’s about time I answer some of the […]

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