Surrey meets Africa

An insight into life at Surrey from three current African students

It’s officially Summer 🌞 !

It’s summer and I am really excited. Summer definitely just gives a whole other ‘vibe’ to the campus and to my experience in the UK. Even though my courses ended on May 16th, if you remember from my latest blog post (READ HERE), I still had some assignments due and one exam on June 4th. […]

Highlights from the 2nd Semester 🤓

Where did the 2nd semester go? Just like that… the second semester is (almost) over…📚 Just like that…in less than 4 months, my academic year will be over. It’s unbelievable how quickly time passed…yet I still remember being picked up at Gatwick Airport with the meet and greet scheme run by the University on September […]

HOW TO: LONDON (…on a budget)

Hello there! As most of the university draws closer to exam time, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to fill you in on Easter Break news: My old university roommate came to visit me! She was a little piece of South African sun in between the UK grey and her presence made up for the […]

Surrey is International 🌍

Hello Everyone, It’s been exactly a month since my last blog post. Have you read it? I talked about loving being an International Student Ambassador and gave you 3 reasons why. Just in case you are looking for a flexible part-time job when you arrive here in September, this is THE DREAM JOB for you. […]

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