Get To The Pointe – Part 2

Hello everyone, cannot believe it’s been a week already..where does the time go? First of all, a huge welcome to David and Hillary!! ūüôā So happy to have more people on the team, cannot wait to work with you guys! I am so excited for Christmas!! Decorations are going up and there are lights everywhere, […]

Hello everyone in HK!

Hello everyone! This year I am lucky enough to join this lovely Ambassador family, and my name is Hillary Yip! I’m a second-year student doing Sociology with Psychology, so please email us if you have any enquiries on Sociology or Psychology related courses. It has been awesome this year, as I already felt I have […]

Get To The ‘Pointe’ – Part 1

  This is my¬†third year (including my Foundation Year) in Surrey and I do not really miss home as much anymore, I have friends here, I know the area and have established a pretty good routine.¬† However, there is one thing that I just cannot seem to find a substitute for… and no, it’s not […]

Why remember the 5th November?

Hello everyone, I should first welcome myself to join the Hong Kong Ambassador Team with¬†Diana Cheung and Katie Ng. Hope Diana enjoys her psychology placement year much as Katie enjoys her ballet class. Apart from myself , I notice that Hillary Yip and Gabriella Lau also join the team this year please stay tuned for […]

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