Are you religious?

‘For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God’ Ephesians 2:8 Hey, ladies and gents! Let’s talk religion! I was giving out a campus tour to two prospective students the other day, and it really struck me to think about religion in the lives […]

The hub of University of Surrey

Hello everyone, It has been three days after the start of this year’s Easter vacation. Universities in the UK tend to have fairly long holiday breaks (from 26th Match and 16th April – that is a total of three weeks) and University of Surrey is of no exception. Glad to hear that Hillary has finished […]

Utilise the library

Have you all started the Easter holiday yet? I have just finished all my deadlines, and I am so ready for the break! I will be sharing some study tips and helpful library resources to you today. Hope this can get everyone slightly more prepared for any upcoming assignments.   Let’s start off with top […]

Raise a grievance at study

Hello everyone, There were, indeed, some grievance happening around myself in recent days. I think I have failed in one of my MT interviews because I was told that I should have read the job requirements before applying that at first place. Although tbh I knew that it is next to impossible for that particularly company […]

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