Surrey meets Latin America

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Latin American student

University Open Days

This past weekend I was a student helper at the University’s Open Day. These take place several times a year and they’re an opportunity for students to get to know their university and get some exposure to how it would be like to study their specific subject at the university. I didn’t know about open […]

Group work and professional skills modules

Today I’ll talk about group work in modules, specifically the professional skills modules in the math department (I’ve heard other departments also have a professional skills module but the content varies depending on the department). During the second semester I took the professional skills module. It was a very different module from all the rest […]

Final exams at Surrey

Apologies again for the huge gap in between this blog post and the previous one. The reason for my lack of blogging was that I was busy with final exams, which will be the topic of this post. For the first semester the final exam period started right after the Christmas break and it lasted […]

A second trip to London

This is the last post about my mother’s visit. The last two days of my mother’s visit we hit some more tourist landmarks. At this point some of the details are blurry so it might not be as descriptive as the previous posts. After returning from Cambridge (through king’s cross station again) we went to […]

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