University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

University Accomodation

It is a good thing to remember that accomodation is guaranteed for all international (Non-EU) students throughout the duration of their degree. I find this to be incredibly convenient as, coming from Canada, I have no time to come here during the summer to look at houses or apartments. As long as you apply within a […]

Second Semester!

It’s a wonder how fast time flies when you’re having a good time. I’ve already been at Surrey five months and it’s already the start of my second semester here at university. I’ve pulled through my exams somehow, and I hope results come out very soon because I hate the wait. The Reading Week that […]

And It Finally Snowed

I have been waiting for this forever. Snow reminds me of home and any hint of it cheers me up. There is something incredibly Christmas-y about it and I just can’t help but smile (Christmas is my favorite time of the year). Everyone here has been telling me “No, when it snows in the UK, […]

So What’s The Difference?

I think if someone asked me, “What is the biggest difference between education in Canada and education in the UK?”, my first response would definitely be the length of my degree. A typical Canadian Biosciences degree is 4 years of study whereas here, its 3 years of study + you can opt for a professional […]

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