Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Roadtrip Reflections (4): Cologne

Hi everyone, The week has absolutely flown by way too quickly, it’s already December! Won’t get ridiculed for having my Christmas lights up on my window anymore 😂 I am fast running out of time to do these roadtrip reflections so I’m going to merge some of the next few together. But for Cologne (Köln in […]

Volunteering with Cherry Trees 🎅🏼

Hello!! I’m back with another Christmas related post! This time, sharing with you my volunteering experience with Cherry Trees! Who is Cherry Trees?  Cherry Trees is a small charity providing home and care for children with disabilities including learning, physical and sensory impairments. The caregivers and management are extremely lovely and caring people, constantly going […]

Roadtrip Reflections (3): Dortmund

Hi everyone, It’s almost December now and it’s starting to get really cold! The week started out a little warmer at 15˚C though and that lasted until Wednesday night before the rain brought the temperatures down again. Aside from work at the office, it’s not been that special of a week, not until Thursday at least. My […]

Guildford Is All Ready For Christmas ⛄

Alright! Let’s Countdown! Three….. 3️⃣ Two….. 2️⃣ One….. 1️⃣ Christmas Lights in Guildford is on!! 🌟☃️ 🌟 Another year of festivity is around the corner and everyone is excited! Hope you are too! (Source @nicolettehoqt) Once again, Guildford’s traditional Christmas Lights switch-on is back with a plethora of activities! Hundreds of spectators filled Guildford High street to bask in the festivity and participate […]

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