Transport around Guildford and beyond

One of the reasons why I chose to study at the University of Surrey, was its location. For those who are not aware, Guildford is a town located in Surrey, which is south west of London. Most key areas/amenities are located in a ~20 minute walking distance of Stag Hill campus, which makes getting around so easy!

To find out where the key areas/amenities are located, take a look at my blog from last week here!


Students leaving campus.

As I mentioned above, most key areas/amenities within a ~20 minute walking distance of Stag Hill campus. Walking is a great form of exercise and it’s free! Most students at the University of Surrey walk between campus’, their accommodation in Guildford and the supermarket etc.


Nextbikes at Manor Park.

Another good form of exercise is cycling. There are numerous cycle paths around Guildford to make it easy and safer to cycle. If you have your own bike, there are lots of bike stores across the campus’ and in other local places. Don’t worry if you don’t have you’re own bike, you can rent bikes. The University of Surrey is partnered with Nextbike where you can rent bikes around Guildford with different rental options. Click here to find out more.


Stagecoach bus outside of the Innovation for Health lab.

The University of Surrey works with the bus company Stagecoach. Buses are available across Guildford, with multiple bus stops within the University of Surrey campus’.

For example, students may use the bus service for:

  • Travelling between Manor Park/Hazel Farm to Stag Hill on rainy days.
  • Travelling from Manor Park/Hazel Farm to Guildford Train Station.
  • Travelling from their off campus student accommodation in Guildford to Guildford Train Station, or Guildford Town Centre.

Some students pay for tickets as they go, if they don’t plan on using the bus regularly. Others, will buy a bus pass. There are three types of pass available (Platinum, Gold and Silver) depending on the routes the buses cover. For more information about the buses in Guildford, click here!


Taxis are another option for transport if you need it. They can be particularly useful late at night to make sure you get home safe, but they can be more expensive if you don’t split the cost between friends.


Although most students do not take a car to University in first year if they are living in student halls, there is on campus parking options for students who are eligible. In the latter years of University, generally more students bring their car to University as they may have parking available outside their student house and use it for other amenities. For more information about parking at the University of Surrey, take a look at this website.


Students outside Guildford Train Station.

Guildford Train Station is a ~15 minute walk from Stag Hill campus, making it a great transport link to London, going back to your home town, visiting friends at other Universities, or having days out! With a Railcard, you can save 1/3 off your train tickets. Definitely something to consider if you’re planning on using the train! Click here for more information on rail discounts available.


London Heathrow and London Gatwick are also easily accessible with airport connections connecting the terminals with Guildford Train Station. This is great for European or International students, as well as students travelling abroad for their studies (e.g. semester abroad or placement year) and students taking a trip away as Covid-19 allows. For more information, click here!

Students next to a bus stop on Stag Hill Campus.

I hope this blog has given you a selection of the different types of transport available to students at the University of Surrey. As you can see, there is such a variety depending on your circumstances and where you need to go- everything is so easy to get to!

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