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  • The Library

    Quite a busy week this week had been, with all the coursework, midterms and events lining up I found myself in my very familiar spot – 4th floor in the Library. Having spent a lot of  my time in the library I figured why not make the library the topic of this week’s blog? The […]

  • Roadtrip Reflections (2): Hamburg

    Hi everyone, It’s been quite a busy week at the International Office this week as we began welcoming the new batch of ambassadors in for their first blogging “assignment”. It was good to see the many new faces and some people were even in more than once because they were doing campus tours as well. Things […]

  • Guildford (and London) Events on November

    こんにちは! 1週間また抜けてしまいましたね……。いい加減定期的にアップできるようなスピード感とライティング力を付けたいものです。 ただいまサリー大学はAcademic Weekの第7週が終わったところ。中間テストのある人も、遅くて来週のはじめくらいには終わるところがほとんどどかなと思います。私も先週、第6週にFinancial Managementの中間テストと、Professional Ethicsの個人レポート提出がありました。とは言え来週の火曜にはグループレポートの提出もあって、じゃっかん忙しくしています。それからPlacement Yearに向けた説明会とかもあったりして、少しずつプレッシャーがかかってきていますね。(それでもPlacementの応募は、私の学部(Tourism & Hospitality)では他の学部よりも遅いようで、他ではもう応募を始めているという話も聞きます……!) と、大学の勉強はそんな感じですが、11月はイベントの多い月でもありました! 11月4日のGuy Fawkes Day イベント(Guy Fawkes Day自体は5日なのですが、ギルフォードでは4日にイベントがありました)、11月11日のLord Mayor’s Show、11月16日のギルフォードのクリスマスライト・スイッチオン。今日は、そんな私が参加したイベントについて書いていきたいと思います。 Hello, everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a blog last time.. (as always) It is the week 7 of the first semester now in Surrey, and most of the students just have done their mid-term exam. […]

  • 【学在萨里】在萨里学习本科会计与金融是一种什么体验?

    亲爱的各位同学们,各位家长们,衷心感谢大家对萨里大学中国学生大使博客的关注!这两周是考试周,Eva也是各种忙于复习,Deadline等等。今天的博客为大家带来的是与已经毕业去了Cass Business School的Hena同学的专访,也结合自己的经验,为大家带来萨里大学本科会计与金融的介绍~





    Hena :“在我的能力范围里萨里大学是我能考上的最好的大学,而且会计与金融这个专业排名也非常的高。”




    Hena :“会计与金融这个专业不仅学习会计,也会对金融有所涉及。会计方面我们从大一到大三会学习Financial Accounting财务会计,是关于一个企业过去的交易的记录;Management Accounting管理会计,如何帮助企业管理人员更有效率的利用资源,金融方面有Business Finance, Corporate Finance,Financial Management等等,从最简单的现金流开始学习,逐渐接触债务,期货,公司合并如何发行股票等等。”




    Hena :“我们专业的会计课程都是以Turorials2小时+Workshop1小时的途径讲授的,课下需要做大量的题去巩固知识。金融相关的课则是以2小时Lecture+1小时Tutorials形式进行授课,Lecture主要讲新知识,Tutorials主要讲实际应用的例题。这两种课的考试都是期中考试+期末考试的形式。”





    Eva:“赞同!老师不仅教我们知识,还教给我们思考问题的方法,上课也会举例子来教。教我们做题的时候只要有问题,老师就会走过来给你讲,如果还不明白则可以在老师的Office Time或发邮件询问。”


    以上就是关于Accounting and Finance的内容啦,希望对大家有帮助!






  • International Midwifery Conference in Ghent

    Dr Ann Robinson, Senior Teaching Fellow (Midwifery)


    Midwifery an international perspective

    Know. Share. Improve.

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday October 11, 12 & 13 2017

    Emerging topics and innovation in midwifery

    Maternal Distress during pregnancy and postpartum

    Reproductive health and a healthy lifestyle

    When asked by Professor Jill Shawe to participate in an International Conference in Gent (Ghent in English) I saw it as an opportunity not only to present my research and meet midwifery colleagues working and studying in Belgium, but also to experience ‘Eurostar’ for the first time and to explore Gent!

    The conference was held at Gent UZ, a large city University which in Flemish is abbreviated from Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent.   Gent University Hospital is on the same University campus, next to the University Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, both the university and the hospital are autonomous entities of the Flemish Government.

    The conference delegates were a mixture of Masters in Midwifery students and practitioners, some working in the hospital on the campus site.

    The conference was presented in English and although all staff and students spoke fluent English it was remarkable to witness presentations being delivered in English by Flemish presenters, to a non-English speaking audience, I hasten to add my Flemish is very poor!

    This was a three day conference focusing on three distinct aspects of midwifery practice, Emerging topics and innovations in midwifery; Maternal Distress during pregnancy and the postpartum and Reproductive health and a healthy lifestyle. Erasmus funding meant that I was to participate for more than eight hours, I duly agreed to co-chair day one with Professor dr. Inge Tency and to present on day one and two.

    The first day entitled emerging topics and innovations in midwifery included presentations from midwives focusing on: Remote monitoring, in the prenatal period (dra. Dorien Lanssens (Belgium); The power of consensus in obstetric care (dra. Marlies Eggermont (Belgium) and Federal evidence based practice (Dr. Marijke Eyssen from the Belgian Health Care knowledge Centre. I presented research on the role of the Consultant Midwife: An exploration of the expectations, experiences and intricacies.

    Day two entitled maternal distress during pregnancy and the postpartum was fascinating; I presented on pregnancy following assisted conception, others on creating a perinatal Mental Health Network in Flanders from the point of view of a Mother Baby Unit (Mr. Klaas Bauters (Belgium); Advanced practice in Mental Health nursing (Mrs Patricia Lok (The Netherlands) and Everything Pink? Partner Violence, psychosocial health and perinatal care (dr. An-Sofie Van Parys (Belgium).

    Breaks in the day provided an opportunity to network and to talk with the newly qualified midwives undertaking an MSc Midwifery, very different experiences to our own Masters students who usually have a couple of years practice experience before commencing further study.

    Professor Jill Shawe and Dr Kath Hart spoke on day three (Reproductive health and lifestyle), Jill presented our own PREPARE study on Preconception Care whilst Dr Hart concentrated on nutrition surrounding fertility, early pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Friday for me was a day off and time to explore Gent particularly the famous St Bavo’s Cathedral, famed for its alter paintings by the Van Eyck brothers in the 14th Century, stolen (and returned) during World War Two – one of the world’s great treasures.

    Overall a wonderful opportunity.



  • Hello everyone in HK!

    Hello everyone! This year I am lucky enough to join this lovely Ambassador family, and my name is Hillary Yip! I’m a second-year student doing Sociology with Psychology, so please email us if you have any enquiries on Sociology or Psychology related courses. It has been awesome this year, as I already felt I have […]

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