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  • Three Music alumni win Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Awards

    Odaline de la MartinezThree Music alumni of the University of Surrey have won Vice-Chancellor’s Alumni Awards, announced in the University’s Annual Review 2016

    American-Cuban conductor, composer, and record producer Odaline de la Martinez (MMus Music, 1977; pictured) won the inaugural Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was introduced by the current Vice-Chancellor in 2016 as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, to recognise a graduate who has made an exceptional contribution in their field or to society in general and who is an exemplary role model.

    The first ever female conductor at the BBC Proms, Odaline de la Martinez is internationally recognised for her promotion of Latin-American, women, and contemporary composers. She has been the artistic director of contemporary music ensemble Lontano since 1976, founded the LORELT record label in 1992, and recently conducted the first complete recording of Ethel Smyth’s The Boatswain’s Mate by Retrospect Opera. Her full biography may be read here.

  • A New Addition to the Archives & Special Collections

    Our new Archives & Special Collections Assistant, Joanne Ratcliffe, joined the Team in January this year. Here she tells us how she has been getting on…

    As I am now approaching the end of my second month in my new job as Archives & Special Collections Assistant I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my first weeks in the role.


    It has certainly been a busy few weeks since starting work with the Archives & Special Collections Team with not only lots to learn about the diverse material we hold and how to care for it but also getting to grips with things such as the multi-format AV equipment and book scanner.

  • The Chores of Adulthood: How Surrey Makes it Easy

    What’s amazing about the Uni experience is having freedom and independence from living with your parents. But there is a dark side to that freedom, that being the added responsibility of adulthood and taking care of yourself. Fortunately, the University of Surrey makes it pretty easy to be self sufficient with all the adult chores that you’ll have to do, making the dark side not so dark after all. Here are a few of the main responsibilities you’ll encounter and how the Uni helps you out with them.

    Grocery shopping: Before starting in my undergrad, I had helped my mom by getting groceries on occasion from a list she had given me. I didn’t realize that creating your own list with healthy food that can sustain you for a week or two could be challenging until I had to do it myself. Once you understand that cooking is basically just heating stuff up and it doesn’t have to be hard, the more stressful part becomes finding the time to get food. Unlike in my undergrad, the local supermarket, Tescos, is in a super convenient location. It’s in between the Manor Park campus and Stag Hill campus, about a 10 minute walk from each. It’s open 24/7 (except for Sundays, it closes at 4, so don’t make the same mistake I did of showing up at Tescos Sunday night with no food for the week) and they have more food options than you know what to do with. If you’re on campus and it’s one of those nights where you’re studying late at the library and realize you ate your last slice of bread and have nothing for breakfast or if you want a late night snack to keep you awake while you study during exam period, luckily for you, there’s Simply Fresh. Simply Fresh is the on campus food store in the same building as the library. Though not as big as Tescos, it has a surprising amount of things you can get for groceries and they have hot and cold lunch options during the day. It’s open until 11 pm most nights which is faaaaantastic.

  • Welcome new PhD Vietnamese students!

    Dear all,


    Mình đang chuẩn bị kết thúc tuần thứ 3 của học kỳ 2. Có thể nói rõ ràng học kỳ 2 “căng” hơn học kỳ trước rất nhiều. Phải chuẩn bị cho rất nhiều cho mỗi ngày lên lớp, cho các bài essay, report sắp tới và cả cho những kế hoạch mới vì giờ thời gian của mình ở Surrey đang dần vơi đi. Như mọi sinh viên khác, mình hy vọng một năm ở Surrey của mình sẽ ngập tràn màu sắc, không chỉ đơn giản là học tập với sách vở, là tiếp nhận những kiến thức mới, mà còn là học cách sắp xếp mọi thứ với quỹ thời gian ít ỏi, là gặp gỡ thêm nhiều bạn bè thú vị đến từ nhiều nơi trên thế giới, là tung tăng đi loanh quanh để ôm “sàng khôn” càng nhiều càng tốt.

  • Windy Throwback to the Sun

    One culture tip I would like to share: the weather.
    I swear it was like about 10 degree Celcius 3 days ago and then it all started from yesterday when the temperature turn straight down. What is even worse is that Doris the storm is hitting us today, while the sun shines bright. Yes, your OOTD would be sunglasses, with wind-proof jacket and and wool blanket scarf wrapping your body around. For me, I go full out today with Uniqlo products. Uniqlo heatech base layer, Uniqlo cashmere wool sweater and  lightweight jacket. Brace the wind with Uniqlo! (I assure you I don’t liaise with Uniqlo! they probably should have paid me some advertisement or promoter fee? Hahaha!)


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