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  • Guidance of Accommodation 學校宿舍的選擇

    所有即將Year 1 的同學看過來呦!!! Year 1的各位,學校方是保證有宿舍喔!! 但如何選學校宿舍可是一門大學問呢!!今天我就要來談選宿舍要考量的點以及各個宿舍的特色喔!! 必須考量的點: 距離 單人or雙人 預算 房型 周圍環境 宿舍人數 宿舍簡介: 學校是以價格來分別出Band A – Band F Band A – shared room: 這是一間雙人房,是上下分開的空間。 距離: 位於校內 Stag Hill Court 預算: 一週 £72 房型: 雙人房,四人(兩間雙人房)共用一間浴室&廁所(分開的),十人共用廚房。 周圍環境: 鄰近學校夜店,稍微吵雜了一些,不過也會因為距離夜店的遠近而不同。 宿舍人數: 室友一人、一整間宿舍十人。 居住心得: (我現在住這)其實我已經習慣不被外圍環境干擾了,住這裡真的很便宜很方便,設施都不會差,只是可能要碰碰運氣看能不能遇見好室友(笑)。 推薦: 如果想要距離近,價格便宜,不太重視有沒有室友的話,這種房型很適合你。 Band A – budget room: 距離: 位於校外 Hazel Farm, 有點遠(坐車38分鐘),特定時間有直達車(10分鐘) 預算: 一週 […]

  • To new beginnings!

    Hey guys! My final semester is officially in full swing and I can’t believe its week 3 already!!! With 3 assignments due in March and another 4 in May, I really have to pace myself and stay focused for this final stretch of my academic tenure. With that being said, I am thoroughly enjoying the […]

  • The top 5 transferable skills gained at university

    Whether that you are studying at undergraduate, masters or PHD level you are always gaining new skills. You may feel that you lack work experience but during university you are consistently gaining new skills that contribute to making you employable. Transferable skills gained at university Communication- as a student you communicate with a wide range […]

  • Manor Park

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, today I would like to show you what Manor Park and it’s surroundings have to offer. The University of Surrey offers accommodation on Stag Hill Campus, Hazel Farm and Manor Park. Manor Park has more than 1,500 en-suite rooms a restaurant/cafe, multiple laundry rooms and local Gym- Surrey […]

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