My Trip to London

Hi everyone is Diana here, After the exams I took a short trip to London and stayed at my cousin’s for a couple of days. It was lovely to see some of my friends again and I have had a really good time. I went to visit Tower Bridge and it was amazing. It is […]

Exams are over!!

Hello everyone, now that exams are over I can finally start blogging again! For the last 2 weeks, I have been very busy with exams and trying to catch up on all the lectures and readings. The workload at university is not easy to be honest, I might seem like I spend a lot of […]

Quick update here

Hi everyone, hope you all have had a happy new year! Just a short one this time because I just got back to uni this morning, my flight landed at 5am so I got back to my accommodation around 7am. First thing I did coming back to uni is not going to town for a […]

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