University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

Public footpaths

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you a recent discovery of mine: the Guildford Public Footpaths. I am not sure why it has taken me until after Easter break to find these hidden gems near campus but I am so glad I did. With all of the stress of school and exams, I’ve found […]

A flatmate adventure

Hello again! The other day, one of my flatmates planned a surprised for another of our flatmates for her birthday. A few of us that live in the building were going to surprise her in Croydon to wish her happy birthday and hang out together. Along with fun company, it was such a beautiful day […]

Canadian Pride!

Hello Bonjour! One thing that I’ve learned since being in the UK is that I am pretty patriotic. Not only am I a proud Canadian at heart and in spirit, but I’ve noticed that throughout the semester I’ve shown more and more pride through my clothes and merchandise. My cousin Gabrielle and I are pretty […]

Day Trips – Winchester

Hello! In continuation with the Day Trips series, today I wanted to blog about my trip to Winchester. Like I’ve mentioned these day trips are organized by the University’s Student’s Union and are of excellent value. I was so happy to find that my friend Noora and her friend Lasse were on the tour bus […]

Exam time…

Hello again! Well… It’s that time of the year again. Exam time! Although everyone has their own study techniques and ways to decompress during these times I thought I would share some of mine that I have used at Surrey. Taking breaks. It is so important to schedule in time to relax during those intense […]

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