University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

Your University Resources – Academic Support

Hello! As we trudge along the semester and the normal student stress starts to build, I thought I would take the time to compile a list of all the resources that are available to us students on campus. Whether it be academic, emotional, financial, or any other type of support, there is someone here on […]

A Festive Fall Dinner

Hello! Although studying abroad has been a wonderful experience, it can get a little bit lonely at times when you are away from family during celebrations at home. However, this also presents an opportunity to get people together and celebrate wherever you are. As we are several North American students in the law program, we […]

My final year – Academics

Hello again, Today I want to share with you what my academic year will look like and tell you a little bit about the classes I am taking. This semester the JD Pathway students have been assigned to: Land Law I, Public Law II: Administrative Law, and Equity and Trusts Law I. We then got […]

A Scottish Adventure: Edinburgh and Glasgow

Hello! In preparation of leaving home for my second year at Surrey, I decided I wanted to do a little bit of travelling before term resumed. Having around 4 days to get a little bit of travelling done, I decided to head up to Scotland. This was perfect as not only did my good friend […]

What happens after your LLB?

Hello again! Something that can be a bit daunting about studying abroad is understanding the process of coming back home. Although I am by no means an expert, I thought I would share with you my understanding of the process of coming back to practice law in Canada. First thing you need to become familiar […]

Canadian Thanksgiving in England

Hello! Something that can be difficult when studying away from home is missing holidays with family. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to not only be able to go home for Christmas and Easter last year, but also have family come visit here in Guildford for Thanksgiving. My Godparents, Annette and Jacques, have both years now […]

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