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PATHFINDER: Engaging high calibre students to help create impactful change!

When we at PATHFINDER, a consultancy focused on sustainable development solutions, came across the Surrey Business School’s renowned Professional Training placement programme, we immediately wanted in. The opportunity to train and work with the best students was just what we were looking for. As a social enterprise (SocEnt) we have an unorthodox way of working. […]

Taking stock: a top 2 business school

I’m not normally a competitive person, where I finish isn’t usually important to me. When I was a student, many years ago, I was only ever concerned with my own grades and not whether they were higher or lower than my classmates and friends. As someone who has written about competitiveness in sports like rugby […]

Executive Education: Bringing Digital to Local Government

Surrey Business School just ran the closing session of ‘Strategy, Management, and Service Delivery in a Digital Economy’ for Surrey County Council (SCC) here in the Business insights Lab. Opened by Head of the Business School Professor Andy Adcroft, steered by CoDE’s Dr Ben Shenoy, this fifth and final session discussed what’s next for Digital and […]

Digital skills for the agile enterprise

Don’t miss the chance to get stuck in and have fun with the CoDE team on 10th May, as we host a workshop focused on Digital Skills for the Agile Enterprise. Organizations today feel mounting pressure to respond more quickly to their customer and broader stakeholder needs. Not only is the drive for increased business […]

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