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Digital skills for the agile enterprise

Don’t miss the chance to get stuck in and have fun with the CoDE team on 10th May, as we host a workshop focused on Digital Skills for the Agile Enterprise. Organizations today feel mounting pressure to respond more quickly to their customer and broader stakeholder needs. Not only is the drive for increased business […]

Questions of Innovation and Veterinary Pathology

Within CoDE, one of our main strategic arguments is that the Business School can be a really significant enabler for connecting the other Schools to business. We’ve been engaged at several levels with our colleagues in the Vet School, including running several highly-regarded workshops with local Vet practices and SMEs, and it’s really starting to […]

CoDE and IBM: Changing relationships and IT

Rapid advances in technology are creating significant pressure on businesses and individuals to work in new ways to adapt their practices. While many of the changes in behaviour fit neatly into existing ways of working, some shifts are causing completely new paradigms and practices to emerge. The continual re-alignment of technology and business change is […]

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