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CompSoc: Student Computing Society at Surrey

by Michael Hough Surrey CompSoc is the Computing Society at Surrey. It exists to develop on what is learned in lectures to have fun with computers. We work with both the department and the Students’ Union to provide guest lectures, trips, events and projects. Anyone with even the remotest interest in computing is welcome. We’re […]

International Workshop on Digital-forensics and Watermarking

By Philip Bateman, PhD Student, Multimedia Security and Forensics Group From October 23-26, the 10th International Workshop on Digital-forensics and Watermarking (IWDW’11) was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the USA. Myself and fellow Ph.D student Hui Wang joined our supervisor, Prof. Anthony T. S. Ho, to attend the conference where we were presenting […]

LED cubes

Scott Davies current Level 3 student. I started the LED cube to mix my interest of electronics and computing into a small, fun and educational project that has incorporated the knowledge learnt at Surrey through both the programming and digital electronics modules. Take a look on the following website to find out more:

Winner of the RuleML Challenge for the second year running

The RuleML Initiative brings together delegates from Academia and Industry who have a shared interest in Web rules. This is a wide-ranging initiative, and is a natural forum for the Digital Ecosystems Group’s work on business modelling for the Web using the OMG’s Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR). Last week, Alexandros Marinos […]

Dennis Ritchie: a Quieter Revolutionary

By Paul Krause Along with many, my first “real” programming started with reading “K & R”, the book on the C programming language that Dennis Ritchie co-authored with Brian Kernighan. This “quirky but successful” language was the invention of Ritchie and is the foundation upon which most of the currently used programming languages, C++, Java […]

Experiencing Google B.O.L.D. Immersion Programme

by Sam Ames BSc Computing and Information Technology Level 2, 2011-12 Prior to starting my second year of BSc Computing and Information Technology, I was very grateful to receive one of twenty invitations to visit the Google UK offices, Victoria Street, London, and participate in the very first U.K. Google B.O.L.D. Immersion programme: “Building Opportunities […]

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