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Research Seminar: 8th December

Developing brains in developing bodies: Why should psychologists care about motor skills? The development of motor control is central to our ability to act on and interact with the world, with a developing body providing the basis for exploration of the physical and social environment. However, motor development has often suffered as the ‘poor relation’ […]

Blots and all: A history of the Rorschach Ink Blot test in Britain

British people are more likely to see Hermann Rorschach’s symmetrical ink blots in an advertising campaign for a film, a smoothie or a deoderant than when meeting a clinical psychologist.  Given that the Rorschach test was once the most commonly used test in clinical psychology this situation takes some explaining. Katherine Hubbard has set herself […]

Research Seminar: Tuesday 1st December

The role of others in changing health behaviours There is ample empirical evidence to verify the association between various types of social influences and health behaviours, but what does the experimental evidence look like? Does changing social influence help people to become healthier? In this talk, I will consider these issues in the context of […]

Research Seminar: Tuesday 24th November

Stigma and the Health of Sexual Minorities: Why minority stress still matters in a more accepting social climate The past decade has witnessed significant improvements in the social and policy climate surrounding the lives of sexual minorities (i.e., people who identify as lesbian, gay, and bisexual).  Despite these important changes, sexual minorities continue to experience […]

£200K EPSRC grant proposal approved.

£200 K Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [ESPRC] grant proposal approved Patrice Rusconi and Shujun Li (Computer Science) have had approved joint Singapore-UK research in Cyber Security (title: COMMANDO-HUMANS: COMputational Modelling and Automatic Non-intrusive Detection Of HUMan behAviour based iNSecurity). The project will start on 1 April 2016 for the duration of 25 months.

Research Seminar: Tuesday 17th November

The Divided Self: How a better understanding of the human mind could transform society. We are faced with a number of global challenges that threaten our very existence: population growth and sustainability, climate change, racism.  These challenges all require us to adapt and change our everyday behaviour. We have all heard the arguments, and most […]

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